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Video evidence appears to show Iranian security forces ‘shooting to kill’ protesters after demonstrations broke out, UN says

07/12 02:45 - Video evidence appears to show Iranian security forces ‘shooting to kill’ protesters after demonstrations broke out, UN says
Iranian security forces are using "severe violence" on protesters to quell anti-government unrest, UN human rights chief Michelle Bachelet said. The post Video evidence appears to show Iranian security forces ‘shooting to kill’ protesters after demonstrations broke out, UN says appeared first on Business Insider Nederland....


Meer over economie

23/01 19:30 Commissie- zo ziet wereld van werk er straks uit

23/01 19:30 Angolese oud-presidentsdochter aangeklaagd voor miljoenenfraude

23/01 19:15 Is Luc Van den Brande de kwade genius bij de VRT of de noodzakelijke oude krokodil die de meubelen moet redden?

23/01 19:15 Beweging.net pleit voor regering met groenen, socialisten en christendemocraten

23/01 19:15 Hoe voorkom ik financieel misbruik in de familie?

23/01 19:15 Meet Laurene Powell Jobs, the billionaire widow of Apple cofounder Steve Jobs, who will be one of the most important donors in the 2020 election

23/01 19:15 The ‘train daddy’ hired to fix New York City’s crumbling subway system has resigned after two years on the job following struggles with the governor

23/01 19:15 Inside the rise of TikTok, the viral video-sharing app whose ties to China are raising concerns in the US

23/01 19:15 Sling TV is by far the most economical way for me to watch live TV without cable — its channel selection and streaming quality are top-notch

23/01 19:15 The best coffee grinders

23/01 19:15 Everything coming to — and leaving — Netflix in February

23/01 19:15 The controversial Nike Vaporfly sneaker that could get banned in the next few weeks is now a best seller on StockX

23/01 18:45  Europa verrast met groei, recessievrees kleiner

23/01 18:45 ’Plastic is ook een probleem voor ons’

23/01 18:45 Britse megadeal Takeaway dreigt vertraging op te lopen

23/01 18:45 Britse toezichthouder wil onderzoek naar fusie Takeaway en Just Eat

23/01 18:30 ‘Scepsis bij mooipraterij over klimaat in Davos’

23/01 18:30 Half miljoen euro boete voor vleesverwerker om bewust salmonellarisico

23/01 18:30 Bommen uit WO II gevonden op terrein nieuwe Tesla-fabriek in Duitsland

23/01 18:15 KU Leuven laat studenten niet langer naar China vertrekken

23/01 18:15 BeNeLiga zit op de vijf Belgische en zes Nederlandse voetbalclubs scharen zich achter project

23/01 18:15 Draadloos 5G-internet is veilig, maar ‘vinger aan de pols’ blijft nodig

23/01 18:15 Investors pulled $98 billion from hedge funds last year, the largest outflow the industry’s seen since 2016

23/01 18:15 This no-pull dog harness transforms walks from stressful to relaxed — here’s how it works and why I recommend it

23/01 18:15 De Britten willen in februari al de onderhandelingen starten over een handelsdeal met Donald Trump – dat vergroot de kans op een harde Brexit

23/01 18:15 Here are all the US presidents who have been impeached

23/01 18:15 Zion Williamson told New Orleans head coach Alvin Gentry to ‘leave me in’ during sensational debut, but the Pelicans’ medical staff wouldn’t let him

23/01 18:15 Webwinkel Neckermann.com failliet verklaard – de kans dat gedupeerde klanten hun geld terugkrijgen is klein

23/01 18:15 GOLDMAN Lagging fund inflows can drive the stock market even higher

23/01 18:15 Tesla just hit a milestone that sets up Elon Musk for a mind-blowing payday — and it’s just the first part of a 12-step compensation scheme that could total over $55 billion

23/01 17:45 Virus krijgt belegger in zijn greep

23/01 17:45 Minister van Ophokplicht voor pluimvee is nu niet nodig

23/01 17:45 Russisch parlement keurt grondwetshervormingen Poetin in eerste lezing goed

23/01 17:45 Teens on TikTok are swapping AirPods and using Google Translate to secretly talk to each other in a genius move

23/01 17:45 English bowls player nails incredible shot after everybody laughed at his idea

23/01 17:45 How to make a playlist on Apple Music by adding and organizing your favorite tracks

23/01 17:30 ’Bij Neckermann.com gebeurde al een tijdje niets meer’

23/01 17:30 Omstreden webwinkel Neckermann.com is failliet verklaard

23/01 17:15 Wie dit programma aan zijn kinderen toont, is simpelweg een slechte ouder

23/01 17:15 Luk Alloo ontvangt niks dan dankbaarheid op bezoek bij dit zijn de tv-tips

23/01 17:15 Familiebedrijf C&A sluit 30 van de 160 winkels in Frankrijk

23/01 17:15 The world’s biggest video game retailer, GameStop, is Here’s what led to the retail giant’s slow demise

23/01 17:15 The newest trailer for ‘To All the P.S. I Still Love You’ shows fans more of the complicated love triangle that will dominate the sequel

23/01 17:15 The Wuhan virus isn’t just hitting Chinese stocks — here’s how global oil and bond markets are moving

23/01 17:15 How to play music on your Xbox One while playing games

23/01 17:15 Videos appear to show Wuhan coronavirus patients being transported in boxes and plastic tubes to stop the deadly disease from spreading further

23/01 17:15 Zion Williamson is making his NBA debut in special Air Jordans that are not yet available to the public

23/01 17:15 Watch the Navarro cheerleaders perform a full-out version of their iconic routine from ‘Cheer’ on ‘The Ellen Show’

23/01 17:15 I tried 5 ‘As Seen On TV’ products under $20 and found that some were a complete failure

23/01 16:45 C&A sluit dertig winkels in Frankrijk


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