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Grootste stijging consumentenprijzen

07/08 09:15 - Grootste stijging consumentenprijzen
De consument betaalde in juli 2,1 procent meer voor goederen en diensten dan een jaar eerder. In juni was dat 1,7 procent, meldt het CBS. Voor het eerst na september 2013 is de prijsstijging van goederen en diensten op jaarbasis groter dan 2 procent....


Meer over economie

11/12 01:45 The Navy made incredible photos to show present-day Pearl Harbor compared with the day of the attack

11/12 01:45 Leaked photos reveal that McDonald’s is launching cheesy bacon fries across the US in 2019

11/12 01:45 WHERE ARE THEY NOW? The players from LeBron James’ legendary 2003 NBA Draft

11/12 01:45 Kids were left traumatized after their school staged an ‘elf murder’ for a writing project

11/12 01:45 Tap dancing, lies, and Inside the new Roger Ailes documentary that is both fascinating and terrifying

11/12 01:45 Ryan Reynolds is turning one of the scariest stories on Reddit into a horror movie

11/12 01:45 Trump says former ‘Fox & Friends’ host Heather Nauert is his pick to be UN ambassador

11/12 01:15 YouTube’s ‘Rewind 2018’ video features more than 100 celebrities and YouTube stars — and we found every single one of them

11/12 01:15 Jeff Bezos was ridiculed by ‘South Park’ and portrayed as a giant-brained, telepathic supervillain

11/12 01:15 The 10 best used cars you can buy to get the most bang for your buck

11/12 01:15 33 cool tech gifts for the home that suit every kind of budget

11/12 01:15 Unforgettable photos from the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, 77 years ago today

11/12 00:45 Hogere omzet binnenvaart door lage waterstand

11/12 00:45 Aantal banen in energie fors toegenomen dankzij gebruik hernieuwbare energie

11/12 00:45 “Belgische werkgevers optimistisch voor begin 2019"

11/12 00:45 Venezuela really, really wants its $550 million of gold back. And it’s coming to the Bank of England to get it.

11/12 00:45 Watch the emotional trailer for ‘ Endgame’

11/12 00:45 5 everyday hand gestures that can get you in serious trouble outside the US

11/12 00:45 A bizarre photo of a seal with an eel up its nose has gone viral, and researchers can’t work out why it keeps happening

11/12 00:15 As the cost of healthcare keeps rising, here’s how much people are getting squeezed in every state

11/12 00:15 25 tactful gifts for your in-laws that’ll make a great impression during the holidays

11/12 00:15 The maker of Marlboro cigarettes is plowing $1.8 billion into the cannabis producer Cronos

11/12 00:15 George H.W. Bush was the first president in nearly 50 years to have a train memorial, and thousands showed up to pay their respects

11/12 00:15 White House Chief of Staff John Kelly reportedly plans to resign after his feud with Trump got so bad they stopped speaking

11/12 00:15 Jobs report misses estimates as unemployment holds at 49-year low

11/12 00:15 A former executive from Tinder is joining the board of a fast growing company that’s trying to teach millennial ‘noobies’ how to invest

11/12 00:15 A major supermarket chain launched a floating store in Dubai for people who want groceries without getting off their yachts

11/12 00:15 Here’s everything you need to know about Huawei, the Chinese tech giant whose founder’s daughter was arrested and could spark an all-out trade war

11/12 00:15 Friday could be a huge day for the Russia probe as Mueller drops more documents on Cohen and Manafort and James Comey testifies to Congress

10/12 23:45 Venezuela is coming to get its $550 million of gold at the Bank of England

10/12 23:45 A former spy boss said Facebook could threaten democracy if it isn’t ‘controlled’

10/12 23:45 Today could be a huge day for the Russia probe, as Mueller drops more documents on Cohen and Manafort, and James Comey testifies to Congress

10/12 23:45 CCTV footage show 5 Premier League stars partying and sucking on balloons in an exclusive London club

10/12 23:45 4 surprising reasons you might feel sick in the morning, even if you’re not pregnant

10/12 23:45 Priyanka Chopra has changed her name on Instagram following her wedding to Nick Jonas

10/12 23:45 Amal Clooney says Trump’s campaign against the media ‘gave the green light’ for Jamal Khashoggi’s brutal murder

10/12 23:45 Jeff Bezos was ridiculed by ‘South Park’ as a giant-brained, telepathic supervillain

10/12 23:15 CNN studios in New York abruptly evacuated after reported bomb threat

10/12 23:15 Paris is locking down the Eiffel Tower in anticipation of more violent clashes between protesters and police

10/12 23:15 Trump fires off late-night tweetstorm on the eve of a landmark moment in the Russia investigation

10/12 23:15 Kevin Hart steps down from hosting the Oscars and apologizes for earlier homophobic tweets

10/12 23:15 Former President George H.W. Bush was the first president in nearly 50 years to have a train memorial, and thousands showed up to pay their respects

10/12 22:45 ECB moet rente verhogen, anders wordt deze recessie nog lelijker dan de vorige

10/12 22:45 Deze Roemeense windmolens kunnen Nederland behoeden voor miljoenenboetes

10/12 22:45 21 limited-edition gifts you can only get in 2018 — or until they sell out

10/12 22:45 LeBron James’ hair is a sign of his greatness and some people can’t stop roasting it

10/12 22:45 The season is already over for 13 NFL teams and 4 of them are in a race for the top pick in the 2019 NFL Draft

10/12 22:45 9 TV shows that don’t deserve their Golden Globe nominations this year — sorry

10/12 22:45 Trump reportedly offers UN ambassador post to former Fox host Heather Nauert

10/12 22:45 Moderna just priced the biggest IPO in biotech history, valuing the startup at $7.5 billion


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