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The Pensacola naval base shooter reportedly used a loophole to buy his gun legally

08/12 04:15 - The Pensacola naval base shooter reportedly used a loophole to buy his gun legally
The gunman was a Saudi national living in the US as an aviation student. 'Nonimmigrant aliens' are typically barred from buying guns. The post The Pensacola naval base shooter reportedly used a loophole to buy his gun legally appeared first on Business Insider Nederland....


Meer over economie

19/02 20:45 Fed vindt renteniveau voorlopig passend

19/02 20:45 Trump ‘wilde Assange gratie bieden als hij Russische link met hack Democraten ontkende’

19/02 20:45 Zeg het met Jambon treedt toe tot een rijke traditie

19/02 20:45 Verrassende koning duidt liberalen Dewael en Laruelle aan als informateurs

19/02 20:45 NASCAR driver Ryan Newman is heading home from the hospital following his horrific Daytona 500 crash

19/02 20:45 PlayStation is skipping a major video game conference due to ‘increasing concerns’ over the coronavirus outbreak

19/02 20:45 Smartphone addiction may shrink key areas of your brain in a similar way to drugs

19/02 20:45 Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen’s mansion in the most expensive town in the US just sold for $35 million — see inside

19/02 20:45 15 times YouTube stars dated and then dramatically broke up online

19/02 20:45 The novel coronavirus seems to have a low fatality rate, and patients are making full recoveries. Experts reveal why it’s causing panic anyway.

19/02 20:45 Inside the life of Michael Milken, the prominent former Wall Street financier who was pardoned by President Trump over insider trading charges from the 1980s

19/02 20:45 Here’s who will be onstage for tonight’s Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas and how to watch it

19/02 20:45 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sided with ‘The View’ hosts after they confront her over ‘deeply misogynistic’ and ‘violent’ Bernie Bros

19/02 20:30 Snel taxeren met big data

19/02 20:30 Ook Duitsers krijgen voortaan basispensioen

19/02 20:15 Van keizer Vespasianus tot met etenswaren gooien is een discutabele maar eeuwenoude vorm van protest

19/02 20:15 I tried the first American cheese to be named the best in the world, and it’s so good I could eat an entire wheel

19/02 20:15 This online startup makes cute organic clothes for babies and kids — its curated Birthday Boxes are great gifts for any child

19/02 20:15 Airbus profiteert niet van problemen bij rivaal Boeing – maar duikt diep in de rode cijfers en schrapt 2400 banen

19/02 20:15 The 25 best companies to work for, based on employee satisfaction

19/02 20:15 A couple flew on Delta from Hawaii to Japan and then tested positive for coronavirus. Now the airline is notifying the other passengers.

19/02 20:15 Lawmakers are seeking answers from Amazon about Ring’s partnerships with police, citing contradictions between its public statements and terms of service

19/02 20:15 Have we reached peak Bloomberg? New poll shows potential drop off and a spike in dissatisfaction

19/02 20:15 Take a look inside Louis Vuitton’s first restaurant

19/02 20:15 How to mute specific artists on Spotify so their music won’t be recommended to you

19/02 20:15 How to put a song on repeat on Spotify on desktop or mobile, or put a playlist or album on repeat

19/02 19:45 Groupon in aanbieding op sterk Wall Street

19/02 19:45  werktijdverkorting mogelijk bij problemen om coronavirus

19/02 19:45 Opnieuw een dramatisch sterfgeval in de veelbelovende rapper Pop Smoke doodgeschoten

19/02 19:45 Van keizer Vespasianus over Schwarzenegger tot de lange en spetterende geschiedenis van het tomatengooien

19/02 19:45 Een Europees gevecht om 1.100 miljard euro in vier thema’s

19/02 19:45 This $12 million ‘mansion yacht’ is made entirely of stainless steel — and it’s a first for the industry. Take a peek inside.

19/02 19:45 The senior Pentagon policy official who certified security aid to Ukraine has been asked to resign

19/02 19:45 Kendall Jenner proved the neon trend is here to stay in a shimmering green outfit

19/02 19:45 Betelgeuse, one of the brightest stars we see, has been fading for months. It could signal a fiery explosion, but it may just be dust.

19/02 19:45 A Virginia Republican chair brought a shotgun to a gun control advocate’s house, claiming when ‘the ballot box’ doesn’t work ‘the cartridge box’ does

19/02 19:45 5 ways to troubleshoot Google Chrome if it’s running slow on your computer

19/02 19:30 Airbus schrapt duizenden banen

19/02 19:30 Google geeft Android 11 Developer Preview vrij

19/02 19:30 ‘Dit is de theaterversie van Hollywood’: Ivo van Hove en Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker maken remake van beroemde musical ‘West Side Story’

19/02 19:30 Liberalen aan Dewael (Open Vld) en Laruelle (MR) aangeduid als informateurs

19/02 19:15 Bij Ikea in Dubai kun je je Pax-kast afrekenen met je reistijd

19/02 19:15 Verdient de junkbondkoning een plekje in de hemel?

19/02 19:15 Bij Ikea in Dubai kun je je Pax-kast afrekenen met je reistijd

19/02 19:15 Inside San Francisco’s ‘Full House’ home made famous by the 1980s TV sitcom that’s now for sale for $5.5 million

19/02 19:15 Pete Buttigieg hits back at Trump saying his marriage never entailed sending ‘hush money to a porn star’

19/02 19:15 How to follow a playlist on Spotify in 2 ways, and receive notifications whenever it updates

19/02 19:15 All the book adaptations coming to your screens in 2020

19/02 18:45 ‘Idlib lijkt wel het einde van de wereld’: aan de Turks-Syrische grens voltrekt zich een humanitair drama

19/02 18:45 Britten halen brug op voor op goed geluk naar het eiland emigreren wordt veel moeilijker


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