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Spoorverkeer in Frankrijk ook begin volgende week nog ‘sterk verstoord’

spoorverkeer-in-frankrijk-ook-begin-volgende-week-nog-%E2%80%98sterk-verstoord%E2%80%9908/12 19:15 - Spoorverkeer in Frankrijk ook begin volgende week nog ‘sterk verstoord’
In Frankrijk zal het spoorverkeer ook morgen nog “sterk verstoord” worden door de staking tegen de hervorming van de pensioenen. Dat heeft de directie van de spoormaatschappij SNCF meegedeeld. Ze raden reizigers aan om hun verplaatsingen met de trein in de mate van het mogelijke te beperken....


Meer over economie

19/02 02:15 SpaceX plans to send a small number of tourists into space

19/02 01:15 Apple’s plans to launch a new iPad Pro model early this year could be delayed thanks to the coronavirus, according to one report

19/02 01:15 Wendy’s scorches Burger King’s new fries-only sandwich on Twitter, saying ‘literally anything would be better on a bun than their beef’

19/02 00:45 Ryan Newman’s terrifying Daytona 500 wreck has highlighted the major progress NASCAR has made in driver safety — here’s how the sport’s regulations have evolved

19/02 00:45 Boeing found debris from manufacturing in stored 737 Max jets, a problem that has plagued the company on a different plane

19/02 00:30  ’Geen dag meer te verliezen’

19/02 00:15 Kickstarter has unionized, becoming the first tech company to do so as workers organize across the industry

19/02 00:15 The marketers waging the streaming TV wars, a buzzy agency’s plan to fend off consultancies, and State Farm brings back its famous tagline

19/02 00:15 Chinese scientists say coronavirus illness symptoms peaked on February 1 — but they warn that the epidemic could ‘rebound’

19/02 00:15 Tana Mongeau and Logan Paul are sparking rumors after a lunch date in Los Angeles

19/02 00:15 LeBron James says he would be ‘f—ing irate!’ if the Astros cheating scandal had cost him a championship, demands Rob Manfred fix it for all sports

19/02 00:15 35 celebrities who have famous godparents

19/02 00:15 Trump declares himself the ‘chief law-enforcement officer of the United States’ and admits he makes Attorney General Barr’s job harder

18/02 23:45 Dwyane Wade said his daughter Zaya knew her gender identity for 9 years before coming out

18/02 23:45 The best men’s lined leather gloves

18/02 23:45 From the streets to front row, here are 25 photos that show what fashionistas wore during New York Fashion Week

18/02 23:45 A Florida kindergartner was held in a mental health center for 2 days without her mother’s consent, and her lawyer says other parents have come forward to say the same thing happened to their children

18/02 23:15 Is bitcoin een alternatief voor goud als veilige haven?

18/02 23:15 Rutte laat ruimte voor hogere EU-begroting als Nederlandse afdracht gelijk blijft

18/02 23:15 The coronavirus is slamming the US travel industry, with experts predicting it will wipe out more than $10 billion in spending from Chinese visitors

18/02 23:15 4 times Billie Eilish showed her age and made people feel old

18/02 23:15 The best false eyelashes

18/02 23:15 3 red flags Uber whistleblower Susan Fowler said she noticed early on

18/02 23:15 The Nevada caucuses are the first since the disaster in Iowa. Here’s how it will work.

18/02 23:15 You and your partner could stay in a tree house in Bali for $44 a night

18/02 23:15 LA’s century-old Hotel Figueroa is brand new again after a massive renovation — here’s why you should give it a closer look despite its small rooms and street noise

18/02 23:15 ‘I saw his wife on television’: Trump commuted Blagojevich’s prison sentence after his wife attacked Comey and Mueller on Fox News

18/02 23:15 Kids under 6 who go to bed after 9pm may have a higher risk of obesity

18/02 22:45 Aanbiedingssite Groupon zegt producten vaarwel

18/02 22:45 Zouden mensen die dader zijn ook kijken naar de documentaire van Hilde Van Mieghem?

18/02 22:45 Het bleef lang rustig op de Ultimas. En toen werd Jan Jambon bekogeld met tomaten

18/02 22:45 Etos roept Olcay Gulsen-kruik kruik kan scheuren, risico op brandwonden

18/02 22:45 Etos roept Olcay Gulsen-kruik kruik kan scheuren, risico op brandwonden

18/02 22:45 The best USB-C hubs

18/02 22:45 ‘Tough pill to swallow for the bulls’: Here’s what 4 Wall Street analysts are saying about Apple’s coronavirus-stricken sales forecast

18/02 22:45 Former Obama aides say Bloomberg’s “jarring” ads mislead voters about his relationship with the former president

18/02 22:45 NASCAR fans have donated more than $1,500 to Ryan Newman’s animal rescue charity to show support after his Daytona 500 crash

18/02 22:45 Billionaire investor Leon Cooperman ramps up his criticism of Bernie Sanders, calling him a ‘bigger threat’ to the stock market than coronavirus

18/02 22:45 The best men’s workout shirts

18/02 22:45 Coronavirus is dramatically changing food consumption in China — here’s how

18/02 22:30 ’Europese-Chinese top in Peking gaat niet door’

18/02 22:30 Apple geeft zure smaak aan Wall Street

18/02 22:15 Jan Jambon bekogeld met tomaten op uitreiking Ultima’s

18/02 22:15 Uniport over personeel dat verplicht in de kantine moet ‘Eigen schuld’

18/02 22:15 Mitsubishi once transformed a Japanese island into a bustling coal mining metropolis. Now it’s an abandoned, derelict mess.

18/02 22:15 8 of the most shocking scandals to rock the K-pop world

18/02 22:15 The best thermal gloves

18/02 22:15 LAST TOWN BEFORE SpaceX’s crucial plan to buy a village in South Texas is on the brink of failure

18/02 22:15 The best places to shop for kids’ clothes by age range

18/02 22:15 Ryan Newman’s terrifying Daytona 500 crash is being compared to the one that killed Dale Earnhardt, and some say the safety rules it spurred may have saved Newman’s life


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