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Turkije dreigt IS’ers vanaf maandag terug naar land van herkomst te sturen, Vierlandentop over Syrië in december

turkije-dreigt-is%E2%80%99ers-vanaf-maandag-terug-naar-land-van-herkomst-te-sturen-vierlandentop-over-syri%C3%AB-in-december08/11 17:15 - Turkije dreigt IS’ers vanaf maandag terug naar land van herkomst te sturen, Vierlandentop over Syrië in december
Turkije begint vanaf maandag opgepakte strijders en leden van Islamitische Staat (IS) naar hun land van herkomst terug te sturen. Dat heeft de Turkse minister van Binnenlandse Zaken aangekondigd. Begin december vindt een top over Syrië plaats tussen Turkije, Frankrijk, Duitsland en het Verenigd Koninkrijk....


Meer over economie

14/11 22:30 'Breder onderzoek Google door aanklagers VS'

14/11 22:30 Beperkte bewegingen op Wall Street

14/11 22:15 Te Gussinklo en Scheijen winnen BookSpot Literatuurprijs

14/11 22:15 How to reset the Safari browser on your iPhone in 2 different ways

14/11 22:15 Google made major updates to messaging on Android phones, and it might finally be catching up to Apple

14/11 22:15 Here’s who will be onstage for the November Democratic debate hosted by MSNBC and the Washington Post, what time it’ll start, and how to watch

14/11 22:15 Tesla is making progress on fixing a big problem with the Model 3 and Model S that put it at odds with Consumer Reports

14/11 22:15 Google’s ambitious new video game service is starting to look like a giant mess — and it isn’t even live yet

14/11 22:15 One service allows investors to buy and sell shares of classic cars. These are the 10 best-performing car ‘stocks’ on Rally.

14/11 21:45 Vliegreus maakt meer plaats voor handbagage

14/11 21:45 Vlaamse universiteiten roepen studenten terug uit ‘Ze lopen geen acuut gevaar’

14/11 21:45 De economie heeft de doping van Sinterklaas niet nodig

14/11 21:45 A hospital dressed newborn babies like Mister Rogers in handmade cardigans and sneakers as a tribute to the beloved TV star

14/11 21:45 California is becoming unlivable, according to science

14/11 21:45 Smartphones are getting weird again, and it could be a sign that the industry is on the brink of another huge change

14/11 21:45 Students at the Santa Clarita school where 2 people were killed and 4 injured in a shooting say their sense of safety is ‘forever ruined’

14/11 21:45 10 of the most inspiring body-positive moments of 2019

14/11 21:45 A GOP senator blocked a bill for universal background checks as the Santa Clarita high school shooting was unfolding

14/11 21:45 How to turn off subtitles on Hulu on the desktop website or mobile app

14/11 21:30 Amerikaans databedrijf moet Mediahuis aan meer abonnees helpen

14/11 21:30 EIB stopt eind 2021 met fossiele investeringen

14/11 21:15 Verder onderzoek nodig naar ‘vage verklaringen’ Fourniret in verdwijningszaak

14/11 21:15 You can connect up to 4 controllers to your PS4 at once — here’s how that stacks up to the competition

14/11 21:15 The Chase Sapphire Reserve card will cover a hotel room, meals and other expenses during a flight delay — here’s how to take advantage

14/11 21:15 42 people have died from a mysterious lung illness linked to vaping. Here’s where they’re all from.

14/11 21:15 This year’s Goop gift guide includes a $250,000 ticket to space and a chair that can simulate weightlessness

14/11 21:15 Biden fans don’t get Yang, Sanders supporters detest Here’s the rival that’s most disliked by each 2020 candidate’s supporters

14/11 21:15 The US and China clash over key trade issues as Trump threatens more tariffs

14/11 21:15 Best Buy is discounting one of the best 4K TVs you can buy, the Vizio P-Series Quantum

14/11 21:15 Students at the Santa Clarita school where two people were killed and 4 were injured say their sense of safety is ‘forever ruined’

14/11 21:15 At least 2 victims are dead and 3 others are injured after a high school shooting in Santa Clarita, California. The gunman is in ‘grave condition.’

14/11 20:45 ’Accountant moet steeds vaker in glazen bol kijken’

14/11 20:45 Some of the jobs most at risk for suicide and depression are the most important to society. Here’s a rundown of mental-health risks for doctors, childcare workers, first responders, and more.

14/11 20:45 Harry Styles made a statement in a sheep-print sweater, and people are comparing it to one Princess Diana wore

14/11 20:45 Nobody needs a $395 bean bag chair — but this one from mattress startup Tuft & Needle makes a compelling case

14/11 20:45 How to change your Apple Watch to military time in 4 steps, using the Watch app on your iPhone

14/11 20:30 'Verkoop Altice-belang Portugal vergevorderd'

14/11 20:30 DSM-samenwerking Avansya begint productie

14/11 20:15 Duitsland verjaagt het recessiespook. En neemt de eurozone op sleeptouw

14/11 20:15 In het spoor van Dutertes ‘War on Drugs’: de tv-tips voor vandaag

14/11 20:15 Parlement in Venetië loopt onder water nadat het nieuwe maatregelen in klimaatstrijd verwerpt

14/11 20:15 The best cash-back credit cards — updated for 2019

14/11 20:15 The Rock surprises fans with a first look at his DC anti-hero Black Adam who’s getting his own movie

14/11 20:15 Tesla could shed more than 40% if it’s overtaken as the leader in electronic vehicles, Credit Suisse says

14/11 20:15 Goldman Sachs announced its new class of managing directors, and millennials dominated the list

14/11 20:15 Ferrari just unveiled its new Roma coupé — and it’s a stunner

14/11 20:15 How to hide and unhide columns in Excel to optimize your work in a spreadsheet

14/11 20:15 Facebook risks employee unrest with its sponsorship of an event featuring Brett Kavanaugh as a speaker

14/11 19:45 Wall Street gaat iets omlaag

14/11 19:45 Vijf vragen over terugkeer naar beurs is mogelijk


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