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Oxford University Tax Meat to Reduce Climate Change and Obesity

08/11 13:45 - Oxford University Tax Meat to Reduce Climate Change and Obesity
Guest essay by Eric Worrall According to Dr Marco Springmann, from the Nuffield Department of Population Health at Oxford University, driving up the price of meat will save lives and slow climate change. Meat tax could save thousands of lives and slash healthcare costs Although the tax would push up the price of burgers, sausages…...


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09/12 23:30 Sterven is minder goed te regisseren dan een tuchtcollege denkt

09/12 23:30 Massatoerisme is ontstaan in Rome

09/12 23:30 China is building coal power again

09/12 23:30 Urban Heat Island Influence Inadequately Considered in Climate Research

09/12 21:30 In de wereld van James Bond bestaan condooms (nog?) niet

09/12 19:30 Climate change and wildfires. An Interview with An Imperfect Union

09/12 16:30 The Psychology of Memory and the 2016 Election

09/12 15:30 These are our favorite science books of 2018

09/12 15:30 Climate change could wake up Canada’s dormant volcanoes

09/12 15:15 Wie brandt zijn vingers aan ons kernafval?

09/12 15:15 Wie brandt zijn vingers aan ons kernafval?

09/12 13:15 ‘Maatgevoel bij andere dieren is ontzettend moeilijk aan te tonen’

09/12 11:30 Climate Change Is Making Sharks Right-Handed

09/12 11:30 Een aai over de bol vinden honden en katten niet zo leuk als jij denkt

09/12 11:15 Een aai over de bol vinden honden en katten niet zo leuk als jij denkt

09/12 07:30 The One-sided Worldview of Eco-Pessimists

09/12 07:15 Hoe worden herinneringen opgeslagen in het brein?

09/12 06:45 Iedereen is er stokoud en kerngezond. Wat is het geheim van Acciaroli?

09/12 03:30 “…it is the change in temperature compared to what we’ve been used to that matters.” – Part 1

09/12 00:45 Becoming a Bio-Engineer

09/12 00:45 Hate mail of the week

08/12 23:30 Climate summit language reveals real but hidden agenda

08/12 19:30 Harvard University Experiment to Block Sunlight, to Prevent Global Warming

08/12 15:30 New catalyst produces cheap hydrogen

08/12 13:15 InSight legt Marsgeluiden vast

08/12 11:30 California officially becomes first in nation mandating solar power for new homes

08/12 10:30 The Green Climate Deal

08/12 09:15 ‘Cyborgplant’ regelt eigen zonlicht

08/12 07:30 Wildfire Attribution study full of smoke

08/12 07:15 Column #26 van Hens space warps

08/12 03:30 Trump Has Another Plan Up His Sleeve To Rescue Ailing Coal Plants

08/12 01:45 Living in Space Makes Our Bodies More Susceptible to Infections

08/12 01:45 How Did Human Language Evolve? Scientists Still Don't Know

08/12 01:45 Is Gender Identity Unique to Humans?

07/12 23:45 A Year of Citizen Science December

07/12 23:45 Awesome The Weird World of Insect Hearing

07/12 23:45 Scientists Find Planets Hidden in a Far-Off Cloud of Gas and Dust

07/12 23:30 Prediction of the Strength and Timing of Sunspot Cycle 25 Reveal Decadal-scale Space Environmental Conditions

07/12 22:30 Gas Cylinder Explosion Kills Researcher at Indian Laboratory

07/12 21:30 A New Generation of Atomic Clocks Could Help Find Dark Matter

07/12 21:30 New automated N-glycan profiling web app shaves days off of data interpretation for glycobiologists

07/12 20:45 Dit is hoe het op Mars klinkt

07/12 20:45 Dit is hoe het op Mars klinkt

07/12 20:30 Giftige stoffen op smartphones baren wetenschappers zorgen

07/12 20:30 Magnets make a new soft metamaterial stiffen up in a flash

07/12 20:30 Peak Oil Postponed “USGS Identifies Largest Continuous Oil and Gas Resource Potential Ever”… And it’s in the Permian Basin

07/12 19:45 China lanceert historische lander naar achterkant maan

07/12 19:30 Rat Study Points to Role of Uterus in Memory

07/12 19:30 Een zeepaardje niet groter dan de nagel van een pink

07/12 19:30 Have The Poorest Countries Been Hit Hardest By Climate Change/Global Warming?


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