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21/02 21:45 Could Alien Life Travel on Interstellar Asteroids and Comets like 'Oumuamua?

21/02 17:30 African Killfish Can Put Aging on Pause. Do They Hold the Secrets of Longevity?

21/02 14:30 How Cold Is It in Outer Space?

21/02 01:30 Air Quality is Worse in African American Neighborhoods. This Community is Fighting Pollution with Data

20/02 22:30 Like Humans, Bumblebees Can Recognize Objects Through Touch

20/02 20:30 Shiver Yourself Can Being Cold Help You Lose Weight?

20/02 16:30 Cleaning Fumes Linger a Long Time in Your Home — and Cracking a Window Doesn’t Help

20/02 14:45 Social Spiders and Science Fraud

20/02 14:30 What Exoplanet Is Closest to Earth?

19/02 22:30 Fossil Fuel Emissions Contribute More Methane Than Previously Estimated

19/02 21:45 Fossil Fuels Contributes More Methane Than Previously Estimated

19/02 04:30 How Are Exoplanets Discovered?

18/02 21:30 What Science Says About the Potential Healing Effects of Essential Oils

18/02 17:30 A Dream Not Deferred

18/02 17:30 Return to Surprise Neanderthal Skeleton Find at Famous ‘Flower Burial’ Site

18/02 16:45 Return to Surprise Neanderthal Skeleton Find At Famous "Flower Burial" Site

18/02 13:30 Return to Surprise Fossil Find At Famous "Flower Burial" Site

17/02 20:45 10 Ways Instagram Changed the Tech World

17/02 17:30 Does the Universe Need Dark Matter to Form Galaxies? A Controversial Model Says 'No'

17/02 03:30 Upstairs- Images of Iceland, From the Ground and From Space

16/02 14:30 Is There Gravity in Space?

14/02 23:30 These 5 Valentine’s Day Science Projects Will Nurture Your Love of Science

14/02 22:45 Scientists Find a Mysterious 'Ghost Lineage' In the DNA of West Africans

14/02 22:30 Genetic Traces of Mysterious Human Lineage Detected in People Living in West Africa

14/02 22:30 Do You Smell Your Romantic Partner's Clothes? You're Not Alone

14/02 20:30 Betelgeuse is Dimming and Changing Shape, New Image of Its Surface Reveals

14/02 20:30 Fossil Eggshells Suggest All Dinosaurs May Have Been Warm-Blooded

14/02 20:30 Archaeologists Have Long Sought — But Never Found — The Very First Wheel

14/02 19:30 Betelgeuse is Dimming and Changing Shape, Reveals New Image of Its Surface

14/02 17:45 What Will a Betelgeuse Supernova Look Like From Earth?

14/02 16:30 NASA Announces Slate of Discovery Mission Finalists, With One Thing In Common

14/02 14:30 How Do Stars Produce and Release Energy?

13/02 23:30 The Heat Goes Last Month Was The Warmest January On Record

13/02 23:30 NASA's Next Potential Discovery Missions are Very Volcanic

13/02 22:45 Astronaut Christina Koch's 328 Days in Space Are Helping Us Better Prepare for a Trip to Mars

13/02 22:45 Venomous Snot Helps These Jellyfish Sting Without Their Tentacles

13/02 22:30 Latest Data From New Horizons' Flyby of Arrokoth Reveals Clues to Solar System's Formation

13/02 19:45 A Different Kind of Climate Refugee

13/02 04:30 What Mongolia's Dairy Farmers Have to Teach Us About the Hidden History of Microbes

12/02 23:30 Paleontologists Unearth 9-Foot-Long Turtle With Massive Spikes on its Shell

12/02 20:30 We've Sequenced the Human Genome. So Why Haven't We Cured More Diseases?

12/02 14:30 How Many Exoplanets Have Been Discovered, and How Many Are Waiting to Be Found?

11/02 23:30 A Robot Assists With 'Supermicrosurgery' For the First Time

11/02 23:30 Scientists Can Tell How Old You Are Based on Your Skin Microbiome

11/02 19:30 Naked Mole Rats Seem More Alien Than Mammal. What Explains Their Weirdness?

11/02 19:30 When Did Ancient Humans Begin to Understand Death?

11/02 15:45 Is a Patient's Stomach Pain Hours After a Colonoscopy a Sign of Something Serious?

11/02 14:30 The Daring Ploy That Saved the Florida Panther

10/02 23:30 Heavy Metal Pollution From the Industrial Revolution Turns Up in Himalayan Snows

10/02 23:30 Solar Orbiter Sets Off for Mission to Study the Sun

10/02 21:30 20 Things You Didn't Know About... Doors

10/02 19:30 Feeding Seaweed to Cows Could Curb Their Methane-Laden Burps

10/02 19:30 Why Did the Ancient Chimú Civilization Sacrifice Hundreds of Young Lives?

10/02 18:30 Meet the Physicist Predicting When Online Hate Will Turn to Real-World Violence

10/02 17:45 Thousands of Fossils Sit Forgotten in Museum Drawers. How one Paleontologist is Changing That

10/02 17:45 That Word You Vinculum

10/02 00:45 Award-Winning Skip the Gloom and Doom and Get Cracking on Solving Climate Change

07/02 23:30 Dealing With Coca — Both Traditional Beverage and Illicit Drug Precursor

07/02 23:30 Is 'Expired' Milk Safe to Drink? Here's How to Know When to Throw Away Food

07/02 22:30 Physicists Discover Why This Bubble Solution Makes Monster Bubbles

07/02 16:30 This Huge, Distant Galaxy Formed All Its Stars Superfast

07/02 15:30 A New Eruption Might Be in the Works in Southern Iceland

07/02 14:30 What Science Knows About Marijuana's Health Benefits

07/02 14:30 The Experiments Revealing How Marijuana Could Treat Dementia

06/02 23:45 This Huge, Distant Galaxy Formed All Its Stars Super Fast

06/02 23:30 Learning How to Speak ‘Parentese’ Can Boost Your Baby’s Language Skills

06/02 23:30 Our Resting Heart Rates Vary Wildly, FitBit Data Reveal

06/02 22:45 In Search of Exoplanets With Binary Sunsets

06/02 22:45 From Animals to Human What We Learn When Women Lead

06/02 21:45 Here's What Happens to the Solar System When the Sun Dies

06/02 17:45  Is Alcohol Really That Bad for You?

06/02 16:45 Dueling Stars Leave a Multicolored Cosmic Light Show

05/02 23:30 I Spy On Turtles Having Sex With 3D-Printed Turtle Sex Dolls

05/02 22:30 Scientists Chronicle the Shifting Colors of a Comet's 'Seasons'

05/02 20:30 The Hard Life And Mysterious Death Of Hol Chan 3 Woman, Found In Mexican Cave

05/02 20:30 Seals Caught On Film Clapping In the Wild For the First Time Ever

05/02 19:30 What DNA From 2,600 Tumors Is Telling Scientists About Cancer

05/02 15:30 Why Are Uranus and Neptune So Different From Each Other?

05/02 01:30 In psychedelic colors, this NASA visualization reveals the global impact of smoke from wildfires

05/02 00:30 Uranus and Neptune's Differences May Come from Collisions, Finds New Study

04/02 23:30 What Would the Sun Sound Like If We Could Hear It On Earth?

03/02 23:45 SARS Vaccine Could Be Stopgap Measure Against the New Coronavirus, Study Suggests

03/02 21:45 Seven Worlds in the Solar System That Could Be Just As Weird As Pluto

03/02 21:30 This AI-Guided Drone Has Mapped One of Earth's Deepest Subterranean Lakes

03/02 18:45 7 Worlds in the Solar System That Could Be Just As Weird As Pluto

01/02 19:30 The Remarkable Legacy of Spitzer—the Telescope and the Man

01/02 16:45 The Remarkable Legacy of Spitzer--the Telescope and the Man

01/02 06:30 Farewell to NASA's Heat-Vision Space Observatory

01/02 00:30 NASA Recovers Function on Voyager 2 Spacecraft After Minor Glitch

01/02 00:30 Four Of North America's Oldest Human Skulls Don't Look Much Alike

01/02 00:30 Fossil Footprints Reveal Ecosystem In Midst Of A Mass Extinction

01/02 00:30 The Greatest Discoveries from the Spitzer Space Telescope

01/02 00:30 This Robot Has Hands That 'Sweat' When It Gets Hot

01/02 00:30 Electrode-Wearing Jellyfish Might One Day Explore the Ocean For Us

01/02 00:30 This Exoplanet's Atmosphere Is So Hot It Splits Molecules In Two

01/02 00:30 Brain Organoids are Farther From Consciousness Than You Might Think

01/02 00:30 Two Defunct Satellites Barely Miss Each Other Above Earth

01/02 00:30 How Infrared Telescopes Like Spitzer Help Astronomers See the Invisible

01/02 00:30  Meet the Denisovans, Humans' Mysterious Cousins

01/02 00:30 Everyone Has Neanderthal DNA in Their Genome, New Genetic Analysis Shows

01/02 00:30 A White Dwarf Swirling Space-Time Around It Allows Astronomers Brand New Insights

01/02 00:30 Science and the World Economy

01/02 00:30 This Is the Most Detailed Picture of the Sun’s Surface Yet

01/02 00:30 What the Axolotl's Limb-Regenerating Capabilities Have to Teach Us

01/02 00:30 Five Ways to Prepare for SuperbOwl Sunday

01/02 00:30 What the Earliest Toilets Say About How Human Civilization Has Evolved

01/02 00:30 Native Americans Abandoned Cahokia's Massive Mounds — But the Story Doesn't End There

01/02 00:30 The 2019 Novel Coronavirus What It Is and How We're Dealing With It


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