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Science News - wetenschap

25/04 17:30 A global survey finds that the Arctic Ocean is a hot spot for viruses

25/04 17:30 A lack of circular RNAs may trigger lupus

25/04 13:30 50 years ago, scientists fought over element 104’s discovery

25/04 02:30 U.S. measles cases hit a record high since the disease was eliminated in 2000

24/04 20:45 A marine parasite’s mitochondria lack DNA but still churn out energy

24/04 20:30 Excavations show hunter-gatherers lived in the Amazon more than 10,000 years ago

24/04 19:30 A neural implant can translate brain activity into sentences

24/04 19:30 This is the slowest radioactive decay ever spotted

24/04 13:30 See beautiful fossils from top Cambrian sites around the world

24/04 00:30 NASA’s Mars InSight lander may have the first recording of a Marsquake

23/04 17:30 Medicaid expansion may help shrink health gaps between black and white babies

23/04 16:45 How an obscure sexually transmitted parasite tangos with the immune system

23/04 14:30 ‘An Elegant Defense’ explores the immune system’s softer side

23/04 12:30 How an obscure sexually transmitted parasite tangoes with the immune system

22/04 16:30 Mercury has a massive solid inner core

22/04 14:30 Ancient sculptors made magnetic figures from rocks struck by lightning

22/04 12:30 The M87 black hole image showed the best way to measure black hole masses

21/04 12:30 When anxiety happens as early as preschool, treatments can help

19/04 16:45 ‘Invisible Women’ spotlights a gaping and dangerous gender data gap

19/04 14:30 A scientist used chalk in a box to show that bats use sunsets to migrate

19/04 12:30 The herbal supplement kratom comes with risks

18/04 20:30 More than a million tiny earthquakes revealed in Southern California

18/04 17:30 A genetic scorecard could predict your risk of being obese

18/04 14:30 Immigrants pave the way for the gentrification of black neighborhoods

18/04 12:30 Warm, dry winds may be straining Antarctica’s Larsen C ice shelf

17/04 19:30 The first type of molecule to form in the universe has been seen in space

17/04 19:30 Dead pig brains bathed in artificial fluid showed signs of cellular life

17/04 14:30 Parenting chores cut into how much these bird dads fool around

17/04 12:30 Statisticians want to abandon science’s standard measure of ‘significance’

16/04 20:30 ‘Added sugar’ food labels may prevent heart disease and diabetes

16/04 20:30 A 2014 meteor may have come from another solar system

16/04 15:30 Newly translated Cherokee cave writings reveal sacred messages

16/04 13:30 People with stress disorders like PTSD are at higher risk of heart disease

16/04 11:30 ‘Cities’ reveals common ground between ancient and modern urban life

15/04 19:30 Meteor showers dig up water on the moon

15/04 18:30 U.S. measles outbreaks show no signs of slowing down

15/04 17:30 Tiny microplastics travel far on the wind

15/04 17:30 Saturn’s moon Titan sports phantom hydrocarbon lakes

15/04 12:30 Some people may have genes that hamper a drug’s HIV protection

12/04 20:30 A new graphene foam stays squishy at the coldest temperatures

12/04 16:30 How chemical exposure early in life is ‘like a ticking time bomb’

12/04 15:30 Readers seek answers to stories about shingles, Neandertal spears and more

12/04 15:30 The delight of discovering an asteroid that spits

12/04 14:45 Israel’s first moon mission lost moments before landing

12/04 14:30 Why some low-income neighborhoods are better than others

12/04 12:30 Black hole image validates imagining the unimaginable

11/04 23:30 Israel’s first moon mission ends in failure

11/04 22:30 Meet one of the first scientists to see the historic black hole image

11/04 21:30 NASA’s Twins Study reveals effects of space on Scott Kelly’s health

11/04 20:30 Ketamine cultivates new nerve cell connections in mice

11/04 13:30 Climate change made the Arctic greener. Now parts of it are turning brown.

10/04 19:30 A new hominid species has been found in a Philippine cave, fossils suggest

10/04 16:30 How scientists took the first picture of a black hole

10/04 15:30 The first picture of a black hole opens a new era of astrophysics

10/04 15:30 All you need to know about the history of black holes

09/04 21:30 Chickens stand sentinel against mosquito-borne disease in Florida

09/04 15:30 Antarctica’s iceberg graveyard could reveal the ice sheet’s future

09/04 13:30 Our brains sculpt each other. So why do we study them in isolation?

08/04 21:45 A common food additive may make the flu vaccine less effective

08/04 17:45 When an older person’s brain waves are in sync, memory is boosted

08/04 17:00 How deadly, fast-moving flows of volcanic rock and gas cheat friction

08/04 13:30 Mathematicians may have found the fastest way to multiply huge numbers

07/04 12:30 Here are 5 RNAs that are stepping out of DNA’s shadow

05/04 21:30 Peruvian fossils yield a four-legged otterlike whale with hooves

05/04 19:45 Hayabusa2 has blasted the surface of asteroid Ryugu to make a crater

05/04 14:30 Testing mosquito pee could help track the spread of diseases

05/04 12:45 50 years ago, scientists were unlocking the secrets of bacteria-infecting viruses

05/04 12:30 Fifty years ago, scientists were unlocking the secrets of bacteria-infecting viruses

04/04 20:30 This planetary remnant somehow survived the death of its sun

04/04 20:30 How emus and ostriches lost the ability to fly

04/04 15:30 Cats recognize their own names

04/04 12:30 A major crop pest can make tomato plants lie to their neighbors

03/04 19:30 Metal asteroids may have once had iron-spewing volcanoes

03/04 18:30 This Greek philosopher had the right idea, just too few elements

03/04 17:30 What we know and don’t know about how mass trauma affects mental health

03/04 13:30 Tiny pumpkin toadlets have glowing bony plates on their backs

02/04 23:45 New fossils may capture the minutes after the dinosaur-killing asteroid impact

02/04 23:30 Bacteria can be coaxed into making the toughest kind of spider silk

02/04 18:30 Foreigners may have conquered ancient Egypt without invading it

02/04 13:30 A Nobel Prize winner argues banning CRISPR babies won’t work

01/04 20:45 Pumping may be linked to an altered microbial mix in breast milk

01/04 17:30 The LIGO and Virgo gravitational wave detectors are back on

01/04 15:30 In ‘The Perfect Predator,’ viruses vanquish a deadly superbug

01/04 13:30 A new quantum engine packs more power than its standard counterparts

01/04 00:30 Signs of new nerve cells spotted in adult brains

01/04 00:30 Edibles are tied to more severe health issues than smoking marijuana

01/04 00:30 A single sweaty workout may boost some people’s memory

01/04 00:30 Sperm with damaged DNA may cause some repeat miscarriages

01/04 00:30 Epileptic seizures may scramble memories during sleep

01/04 00:30 The CBD boom is way ahead of the science

01/04 00:30 Readers respond to classroom robots, soil erosion and more

01/04 00:30 The science of CBD lags behind its marketing

01/04 00:30 Kuiper Belt dust may be in our atmosphere (and NASA labs) right now

01/04 00:30 Treating cystic fibrosis patients before birth could safeguard organs

01/04 00:30 Blood vessels built from a patient’s cells could help people on dialysis

01/04 00:30 50 years ago, drug abuse was higher among physicians than the public

01/04 00:30 Geneticists close in on how mosquitoes sniff out human sweat

01/04 00:30 Chytrid’s frog-killing toll has been tallied — and it’s bad

01/04 00:30 Saturn’s rings paint some of its moons shades of blue and red

01/04 00:30 One Antarctic ice shelf gets half its annual snowfall in just 10 days

01/04 00:30 4 things we’ll learn from the first closeup image of a black hole

01/04 00:30 The first known fossil of a Denisovan skull has been found in a Siberian cave

01/04 00:30 Watch a desert kangaroo rat drop-kick a rattlesnake

01/04 00:30 A single-dose antidote may help prevent fentanyl overdoses


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