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Science News - wetenschap

17/01 17:30 A genetic analysis hints at why COVID-19 can mess with smell

14/01 20:30 Part donkey, part wild ass, the kunga is the oldest known hybrid bred by humans

14/01 15:30 50 years ago, NASA’s space shuttle program got the green light

14/01 14:45 Science explores the nature of time and space

14/01 14:45 Readers ask about the moon’s slow escape from Earth and more

14/01 13:30 An early outburst portends a star’s imminent death

13/01 20:30 Organic molecules in an ancient Mars meteorite formed via geology, not alien life

13/01 20:30 Quantum particles can feel the influence of gravitational fields they never touch

13/01 17:30 Astronomers identified a second possible exomoon

13/01 17:30 The largest group of nesting fish ever found lives beneath Antarctic ice

12/01 17:30 Homo sapiens bones in East Africa are at least 36,000 years older than once thought

12/01 16:45 A century of quantum mechanics questions the fundamental nature of reality

11/01 21:30 Omicron forces us to rethink COVID-19 testing and treatments

11/01 14:30 Climate change communication should focus less on specific numbers

11/01 12:30 Clovis hunters’ reputation as mammoth killers takes a hit

10/01 23:30 Female dolphins have a clitoris much like humans’

10/01 15:30 Oxygen-rich exoplanets may be geologically active

10/01 13:30 Here’s what goldfish driving ‘cars’ tell us about navigation

07/01 20:30 See stunning fossils of insects, fish and plants from an ancient Australian forest

07/01 18:45 Drug-resistant bacteria evolved on hedgehogs long before the use of antibiotics

06/01 20:30 Some volcanic hot spots may have a surprisingly shallow heat source

06/01 12:30 Why do some people succeed when others fail? Outliers provide clues

05/01 17:30 Antiprotons show no hint of unexpected matter-antimatter differences

05/01 15:30 ‘Feeling & Knowing’ explores the origin and evolution of consciousness

05/01 13:30 ‘Blastoids’ made of stem cells offer a new way to study fertility

04/01 19:30 Here’s how spider geckos survive on Earth’s hottest landscape

04/01 14:30 Two stars’ close encounter may explain a cosmic flare that has barely faded

04/01 12:30 The coronavirus may cause fat cells to miscommunicate, leading to diabetes

03/01 18:30 Arctic hunter-gatherers were advanced ironworkers more than 2,000 years ago

03/01 15:30 Africa’s ‘Great Green Wall’ could have far-reaching climate effects

03/01 13:30 Enceladus’ plumes might not come from an underground ocean

01/01 00:30 The Parker Solar Probe is the first spacecraft to visit the sun’s atmosphere

01/01 00:30 Why the coronavirus’s delta variant dominated 2021

01/01 00:30 How a warming climate may make winter tornadoes stronger

01/01 00:30 Why it matters that health agencies finally said the coronavirus is airborne

01/01 00:30 A terrifying robot can thwart invasive mosquito fish

01/01 00:30 The CDC recommends mRNA COVID-19 vaccines over J&J’s, citing fewer risks

01/01 00:30 These are the viruses that mRNA vaccines may take on next

01/01 00:30 COVID-19 testing is complicated right now. Here are answers to 6 big questions

01/01 00:30 50 years ago, scientists were genetically modifying mosquitoes

01/01 00:30 Vikings may have fled Greenland to escape rising seas

01/01 00:30 6 surprising records science set in 2021

01/01 00:30 Here are 7 incredible things we learned this year that animals can do

01/01 00:30 The omicron variant is surging. Here’s what we’ve learned so far

01/01 00:30 A 1,306-legged millipede is the first to live up to its name

01/01 00:30 These discoveries from 2021, if true, could shake up science

01/01 00:30 How electric vehicles offered hope as climate challenges grew

01/01 00:30 Spacecraft in 2021 set their sights on Mars, asteroids and beyond

01/01 00:30 How some of 2021’s major science stories evolved over time

01/01 00:30 Here are our favorite cool, funny and bizarre science stories of 2021

01/01 00:30 These are the most-read Science News stories of 2021


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