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Science News - wetenschap

23/02 16:30 Two-way communication is possible with a single quantum particle

22/02 21:45 New mapping shows just how much fishing impacts the world’s seas

22/02 21:30 Global Virome Project is hunting for more than 1 million unknown viruses

22/02 20:30 The last wild horses aren’t truly wild

22/02 20:30 Cave art suggests Neandertals were ancient humans’ mental equals

22/02 17:30 An amateur astronomer caught a supernova explosion on camera

22/02 16:45 Readers weigh in on human gene editing and more

22/02 16:45 Building a bright future for science journalism

22/02 13:30 50 years ago, early organ transplants brought triumph and tragedy

21/02 22:30 New fossils are redefining what makes a dinosaur

21/02 19:30 Serendipitous supernova explosion caught on camera

21/02 13:30 A new study eases fears of a link between autism and prenatal ultrasounds

20/02 23:30 A fake organ mimics what happens in the blink of an eye

20/02 21:45 How to build a human brain

20/02 15:30 Are computers better than people at predicting who will commit another crime?

20/02 13:30 The flowers that give us chocolate are ridiculously hard to pollinate

19/02 14:30 Modern tech unravels mysteries of Egyptian mummy portraits

19/02 12:30 Mix of metals in this Picasso sculpture provides clues to its mysterious origins

18/02 21:45 Babies can recover language skills after a left-side stroke

17/02 22:30 This stick-on patch could keep tabs on stroke patients at home

16/02 23:30 Americans would welcome alien life rather than fear it

16/02 20:30 Ants practice combat triage and nurse their injured

16/02 19:30 James Webb Space Telescope challenges artists to see in infrared

16/02 16:45 To hear the beat, your brain may think about moving to it

15/02 22:45 Strong winds send migrating seal pups on lengthier trips

15/02 20:30 Household products make surprisingly large contributions to air pollution

15/02 19:30 Fossil footprints may put lizards on two feet 110 million years ago

15/02 18:30 In Borneo, hunting emerges as a key threat to endangered orangutans

14/02 23:30 Look to penguins to track Antarctic changes

14/02 19:30 Quantum computers go silicon

14/02 19:30 Cutting off a brain enzyme reversed Alzheimer’s plaques in mice

14/02 19:30 Study debunks fishy tale of how rabbits were first tamed

14/02 01:30 Shipping noise can disturb porpoises and disrupt their mealtime

13/02 23:30 Genes could record forensic clues to time of death

13/02 17:30 New technique shows how 2-D thin films take the heat

13/02 15:30 Elongated heads were a mark of elite status in an ancient Peruvian society

13/02 13:30 What will it take to go to Venus?

13/02 00:30 Even after bedbugs are eradicated, their waste lingers

12/02 23:45 14 cattle eyeworms removed from Oregon woman’s eye

12/02 15:30 5 ways the heaviest element on the periodic table is really bizarre

12/02 13:30 Ancient ozone holes may have sterilized forests 252 million years ago

10/02 00:30 4 questions about the new U.S. budget deal and science

09/02 18:30 The small intestine, not the liver, is the first stop for processing fructose

09/02 14:30 Let your kids help you, and other parenting tips from traditional societies

09/02 00:45 Trove of hummingbird flight data reveals secrets of nimble flying

08/02 23:45 The wiring for walking developed long before fish left the sea

08/02 20:30 Watch nerve cells being born in the brains of living mice

08/02 17:30 Top 10 papers from Physical Review’s first 125 years

08/02 15:30 Smart windows could block brightness and harness light

08/02 13:30 50 years on, nuclear fusion still hasn’t delivered clean energy

07/02 21:45 In play, kids and scientists take big mental leaps

07/02 21:45 Readers ask about supernovas, dark energy and more

07/02 21:30 Skyrmions open a door to next-level data storage

07/02 19:30 Superdense wood is lightweight, but strong as steel

07/02 17:30 Humans are overloading the world’s freshwater bodies with phosphorus

07/02 13:30 Scientists are tracking how the flu moves through a college campus

07/02 01:30 It’s a bad idea for a toad to swallow a bombardier beetle

06/02 22:30 SpaceX just launched its biggest rocket for the first time

06/02 21:45 This ancient creature looks like a spider with a tail

06/02 17:45 Ancient kids’ toys have been hiding in the archaeological record

06/02 17:45 When it’s playtime, many kids prefer reality over fantasy

06/02 13:30 Pollinators are usually safe from a Venus flytrap

06/02 00:30 The way dwarf galaxies move puts a new spin on galaxy formation

05/02 17:30 Some of TRAPPIST-1’s planets could have life-friendly atmospheres

05/02 17:30 Laser experiment hints at weird in-between ice

05/02 13:30 Wikipedia has become a science reference source even though scientists don’t cite it

04/02 14:30 ‘ A Graveside Companion’ offers an outlet for your morbid curiosity

02/02 21:30 ‘Machines That Think’ predicts the future of artificial intelligence

02/02 17:30 New textile weathers temperature shift

01/02 22:30 A blood test could predict the risk of Alzheimer’s disease

01/02 21:30 A peek into polar bears’ lives reveals revved-up metabolisms

01/02 20:45 New laser emits a more stable, energy-efficient light beam

01/02 18:30 Gravity doesn’t leak into large, hidden dimensions

01/02 00:30 Memory remains elusive, but the search continues

01/02 00:30 Human brains rounded into shape over 200,000 years or more

01/02 00:30 Lasers trace a new way to create hovering hologram-like images

01/02 00:30 Robots map largest underwater volcanic eruption in 100 years

01/02 00:30 Overlooked air pollution may be fueling more powerful storms

01/02 00:30 An ancient jaw pushes humans’ African departure back in time

01/02 00:30 Scientists find 10 new defense systems used by bacteria

01/02 00:30 Plastic pollution increases risk of devastating disease in corals

01/02 00:30 Life may have been possible in Earth’s earliest, most hellish eon

01/02 00:30 Clumps of dark matter could be lurking undetected in our galaxy

01/02 00:30 Here’s why so many saiga antelope mysteriously died in 2015

01/02 00:30 Slower speed, tricky turns give prey a chance against cheetahs and lions

01/02 00:30 Here’s how cells rapidly stuff two meters of DNA into microscopic capsules

01/02 00:30 Universes with no weak force might still have stars and life

01/02 00:30 Babies’ kicks in the womb are good for their bones

01/02 00:30 A killer whale gives a raspberry and says ‘hello’

01/02 00:30 Sharp stones found in India signal surprisingly early toolmaking advances

01/02 00:30 Gassy farm soils are a shockingly large source of these air pollutants

01/02 00:30 Zika may not be the only virus of its kind that can damage a fetus

01/02 00:30 Grapevines are more drought-tolerant than thought


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