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Science News - wetenschap

27/04 00:30 Anthropologists in Peru have unearthed the largest known child sacrifice

26/04 23:30 Archaeologists in Peru have unearthed the largest known child sacrifice

26/04 21:45 This plastic can be recycled over and over and over again

26/04 20:30 Split atom clouds get entangled in quantum tests

26/04 18:30 Want to build a dragon? Science is here for you

25/04 22:30 Footprints prove humans hunted giant sloths during the Ice Age

25/04 21:45 The latest star map from the Gaia spacecraft plots 1.7 billion stars

25/04 20:30 Asteroids could have delivered water to the early Earth

25/04 20:30 In China, coffee shop habits show cultural differences tied to farming

25/04 19:30 Spooky quantum entanglement goes big in new experiments

25/04 13:30 Clues to an Iron Age massacre lie in what the assailants left behind

25/04 00:30 The first penis-scrotum transplant is the latest to go beyond lifesaving

24/04 21:30 Private web browsing doesn’t mean no one is watching

24/04 20:45 Genetically modified plant may boost supply of a powerful malaria drug

24/04 18:45 Though often forgotten, the placenta has a huge role in baby’s health

23/04 17:30 Young galaxies are flat, but old ones are more blobby

23/04 17:30 Uranus smells like rotten eggs

23/04 13:30 Informed wisdom trumps rigid rules when it comes to medical evidence

20/04 23:30 Cicadas on different schedules can hybridize

20/04 19:30 Closing the gender gap in some science fields may take over 100 years

20/04 17:30 Heat waves are roasting reefs, but some corals may be resilient

20/04 13:30 Celebrity names now mark places on Pluto’s moon Charon

19/04 21:30 Larger spleens may help ‘sea nomads’ stay underwater longer

19/04 20:30 Rising CO2 levels might not be as good for plants as we thought

19/04 18:30 Male fruit flies enjoy ejaculation

19/04 15:30 A hole in an ancient cow’s skull could have been surgery practice

19/04 13:30 This plastic-gobbling enzyme just got an upgrade

19/04 01:45 NASA’s TESS spacecraft launches to begin its exoplanet search

18/04 21:30 How ravens caused a LIGO data glitch

18/04 20:30 Why touch can be such a creepy sensation in VR

18/04 20:30 This meteorite’s diamonds hint that it was born in a lost planet

18/04 19:30 Masses of shrimp and krill may play a huge role in mixing oceans

18/04 18:30 Delayed launch of NASA’s next exoplanet hunter is now set for tonight

18/04 01:30 These seals haven’t lost their land ancestors’ hunting ways

17/04 20:30 This ancient Maya city may have helped the Snake King dynasty spread

17/04 17:45 Here’s why putting a missile defense system in space could be a bad idea

17/04 13:30 A new plastic film glows to flag food contaminated with dangerous microbes

16/04 23:30 The launch of NASA’s next exoplanet hunter is delayed

16/04 21:30 Dogs lived and died with humans 10,000 years ago in the Americas

16/04 20:45 How to watch NASA’s next exoplanet hunter launch

16/04 18:45 Lasers squeezed iron to mimic the conditions of exoplanet cores

16/04 13:30 ‘Weird Math’ aims to connect numbers and equations to the real world

15/04 13:30 The Facebook data debacle may not change internet behavior

13/04 23:45 Cargo ships must cut their emissions in half by 2050

13/04 22:45 Tales of rampant suicide among Custer’s soldiers may be overblown

13/04 22:30 An antiscience political climate is driving scientists to run for office

13/04 16:30 This is how norovirus invades the body

13/04 00:30 Sweet potatoes might have arrived in Polynesia long before humans

12/04 20:30 A key constant’s new measurement hints ‘dark photons’ don't exist

12/04 20:30 Using laser tweezers, chemists nudged two atoms to bond

12/04 18:45 These hummingbirds aim their singing tail feathers to wow mates

12/04 13:30 With the launch of TESS, NASA will boost its search for exoplanets

11/04 20:30 Colorful moth wings date back to the dinosaur era

11/04 18:30 Einstein’s general relativity reveals new quirk of Mercury’s orbit

11/04 13:30 Should you bank your baby’s umbilical cord blood? Here’s a guide for thinking through the issue.

10/04 21:30 50 years on, vaccines have eliminated measles from the Americas

10/04 17:30 Ocean heat waves are becoming more common and lasting longer

10/04 13:30 This material uses energy from ambient light to kill hospital superbugs

10/04 00:45 World’s hottest pepper may have triggered this man’s severe headaches

09/04 18:45 A new soft bot mimics octopuses and inchworms to climb walls

09/04 17:30 The search for mysterious dark matter underdogs steps up

09/04 17:30 Finger fossil puts people in Arabia at least 86,000 years ago

09/04 13:30 Delusions of skin infestation may not be so rare

08/04 14:30 Fossils sparked Charles Darwin’s imagination

06/04 22:30 Sheets of tiny bubbles could bring a sense of touch to virtual reality

06/04 18:30 In a colony, king penguins behave like molecules in a 2-D liquid

06/04 01:30 Dark matter isn’t interacting with itself after all

05/04 22:30 Microplastics may enter freshwater and soil via compost

05/04 20:45 Human brains make new nerve cells — and lots of them — well into old age

05/04 18:30 This ancient lizard may have watched the world through four eyes

05/04 14:30 Toxic chemicals turn a new material from porous to protective

05/04 13:45 Readers debate dinosaur designation and more

05/04 13:45 How many scientists do you know in real life?

05/04 12:30 Flying insects tell tales of long-distance migrations

04/04 20:30 Efforts to contain Mississippi floods may have made them worse

04/04 19:30 A dozen new black holes found in Milky Way’s center

04/04 19:30 A new coronavirus is killing pigs in China

04/04 13:30 When deciding whether to bank your baby’s umbilical cord blood, consider these caveats

03/04 21:30 Are we ready for the deadly heat waves of the future?

03/04 19:30 Seafloor map shows why Greenland’s glaciers melt at different rates

03/04 18:30 How physicists will remember Stephen Hawking

03/04 13:30 Birds get their internal compass from this newly ID’d eye protein

02/04 22:30 Ardi walked the walk 4.4 million years ago

02/04 15:30 Why the Nobel Prize might need a makeover

02/04 13:30 How honeybees’ royal jelly might be baby glue, too

01/04 14:30 The truth about animals isn’t always pretty

01/04 00:30 Humpback whale bumps have marine biologists stumped

01/04 00:30 Modern chimp brains share similarities with ancient hominids

01/04 00:30 When tickling the brain to stimulate memory, location matters

01/04 00:30 Water may have killed Mars’ magnetic field

01/04 00:30 ‘Nanobot’ viruses tag and round up bacteria in food and water

01/04 00:30 Powerful New England quake recorded in pond mud

01/04 00:30 Kid-friendly e-cigarette ads appear to work

01/04 00:30 Parents’ presence promotes a child’s pluck

01/04 00:30 Umbilical cord banking gets a lot of buzz. Why all the excitement?

01/04 00:30 Dark matter is MIA in this strange galaxy

01/04 00:30 Brain waves of concertgoers sync up at shows

01/04 00:30 Footprints put people on Canada’s west coast 13,000 years ago

01/04 00:30 Live heart cells make this material shift color like a chameleon

01/04 00:30 Opioids kill. Here’s how an overdose shuts down your body

01/04 00:30 Why cracking your knuckles can be so noisy

01/04 00:30 Some frogs may be bouncing back after killer chytrid fungus

01/04 00:30 Toxins from the world’s longest animal can kill cockroaches

01/04 00:30 A Chinese space station will fall to Earth this weekend

01/04 00:30 Eggshell nanostructure protects a chick and helps it hatch

01/04 00:30 The science behind cancer warnings on coffee is murky at best


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