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Science News - wetenschap

06/12 16:30 ‘A Polar Affair’ delves into a centurylong cover-up of penguin sex

06/12 14:45 When reading Science News is the habit of a lifetime

06/12 14:45 Readers question quantum mechanics and more

06/12 14:30 An ancient critter may shed light on when mammals’ middle ear evolved

06/12 12:30 What happens when governments crack down on scientists just doing their jobs?

05/12 23:30 A once-scrapped Alzheimer’s drug may work after all, new analyses suggest

05/12 17:30 A single-celled protist reacts to threats in surprisingly complex ways

05/12 12:30 50 years ago, income inequality was severe in the U.S. It still is

04/12 23:30 Scientists’ brains shrank a bit after an extended stay in Antarctica

04/12 20:45 A gene tied to facial development hints humans domesticated themselves

04/12 19:30 NASA’s Parker probe reveals the sun’s rogue plasma waves and magnetic islands

04/12 12:30 Devil worm genes hold clues for how some animals survive extreme heat

04/12 01:30 Climate-warming CO₂ emissions will hit a record high in 2019

03/12 14:30 How brightly the moon glows is a mystery, but maybe not for long

03/12 12:30 Medications alone work as well as surgery for some heart disease patients

02/12 21:30 An ancient outbreak of bubonic plague may have been exaggerated

02/12 14:30 A tree in Brazil’s arid northeast rains nectar from its flowers

02/12 12:30 Infrared images reveal hidden tattoos on Egyptian mummies

01/12 12:30 Is taking birth control as a teen linked to depression? It’s complicated

01/12 00:30 Some people with half a brain have extra strong neural connections

01/12 00:30 Dengue cases in the Americas have reached an all-time high

01/12 00:30 How two gamma-ray bursts created record-breaking high-energy photons

01/12 00:30 The loss of ‘eternal ice’ threatens Mongolian reindeer herders’ way of life

01/12 00:30 50 years ago, scientists puzzled over a slight global cooling

01/12 00:30 An AI found a hidden Nazca Line in Peru showing a humanoid figure

01/12 00:30 Why screening DNA for ‘designer babies’ probably won’t work

01/12 00:30 How Julia Robinson helped define the limits of mathematical knowledge

01/12 00:30 Ribose, a sugar needed for life, has been detected in meteorites

01/12 00:30 A carved rock found in Jordan may be the oldest known chess piece

01/12 00:30 Mounting evidence suggests neutrinos are key to why antimatter is rare

01/12 00:30 19 more galaxies mysteriously missing dark matter have been found

01/12 00:30 Most Americans now see signs of climate change where they live

01/12 00:30 A protein helps disease-causing immune cells invade MS patients’ brains

01/12 00:30 A dose of ketamine could lessen the lure of alcohol

01/12 00:30 Critics say an EPA rule may restrict science used for public health regulations

01/12 00:30 Countries urgently need to ramp up emissions cuts to meet climate targets

01/12 00:30 Archaeologists tie ancient bones to a revolt chronicled on the Rosetta Stone

01/12 00:30 A new, theoretical type of time crystal could run without outside help

01/12 00:30 A newfound black hole in the Milky Way is weirdly heavy


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