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Science News - wetenschap

17/08 22:45 The first known monkeypox infection in a pet dog hints at spillover risk

17/08 17:30 Protons contain intrinsic charm quarks, a new study suggests

17/08 12:30 Two new books show how sexism still pervades astronomy

16/08 15:30 Spiraling footballs wobble at one of two specific frequencies

16/08 12:30 Asteroid impacts might have created some of Mars’ sand

15/08 16:30 Over time, Betelgeuse changed color. Now it’s also lost its rhythm

15/08 13:30 Physicists spotted rare W boson trios at the Large Hadron Collider

12/08 18:30 COVID-19 infections can rebound for some people. It’s unclear why

12/08 15:30 50 years ago, scientists hoped freezing donor organs would boost transplants

12/08 13:30 These researchers are unlocking Renaissance beauty secrets

12/08 08:30 Our enduring fascination with outer space

12/08 08:30 Readers ask about rogue black holes, zippy neutrinos and more

11/08 20:30 Why humans have more voice control than any other primates

11/08 17:30 The Arctic is warming even faster than scientists realized

11/08 12:30 Multiple sclerosis has a common viral culprit, opening doors to new approaches

10/08 20:30 Zoo gorillas use a weird new call that sounds like a sneezy cough

10/08 17:30 Sea sponges launch slow-motion snot rockets to clean their pores

09/08 15:30 How balloons could one day detect quakes on Venus

09/08 13:30 Relocated beavers helped mitigate some effects of climate change

08/08 16:30 Scientists mapped dark matter around galaxies in the early universe

08/08 13:30 Mini-Neptunes may become super-Earths as the exoplanets lose their atmospheres

05/08 18:30 How Mars rovers have evolved in 25 years of exploring the Red Planet

04/08 18:30 The Windchime experiment could use gravity to hunt for dark matter ‘wind’

04/08 13:30 Scientists turned dead spiders into robots

03/08 23:30 A shot of immune proteins may protect against malaria for months

03/08 19:30 A new James Webb telescope image reveals a galactic collision’s aftermath

03/08 17:30 An hour after pigs’ deaths, an artificial system restored cellular life

03/08 13:30 Spinal stimulation gives some people with paralysis more freedom

03/08 01:30 How slow and steady lionfish win the race against fast prey

02/08 13:30 Two black holes merged despite being born far apart in space

01/08 22:30 Friendships with rich people may help lift children out of poverty

01/08 19:30 Whale sharks may be the world’s largest omnivores

01/08 13:30 Tiny amoebas move faster when carrying cargo than without

01/08 00:30 How James Webb Space Telescope data have already revealed surprises

01/08 00:30 Herminia Pasantes discovered how taurine helps brain cells regulate their size

01/08 00:30 The heaviest neutron star on record is 2.35 times the mass of the sun

01/08 00:30 A new dark matter experiment quashed earlier hints of new particles

01/08 00:30 The world is ‘losing the window’ to contain monkeypox, experts warn

01/08 00:30 Ancient DNA links an East Asian Homo sapiens woman to early Americans

01/08 00:30 Here’s what to do when someone at home has COVID-19

01/08 00:30 Here’s the quickest way to grill burgers, according to math

01/08 00:30 How to make jet fuel from sunlight, air and water vapor

01/08 00:30 Moths pollinate clover flowers at night, after bees have gone home

01/08 00:30 Humans may not be able to handle as much heat as scientists thought

01/08 00:30 Famine and disease may have driven ancient Europeans’ lactose tolerance

01/08 00:30 Quantum entanglement makes quantum communication even more secure

01/08 00:30 ‘Murder hornets’ have a new common Northern giant hornet

01/08 00:30 Amateur astronomers’ images of a rare double aurora may unlock its secrets

01/08 00:30 This stick-on ultrasound patch could let you watch your own heart beat

01/08 00:30 Like bees of the sea, crustaceans ‘pollinate’ seaweed

01/08 00:30 Astronauts might be able to use asteroid soil to grow crops

01/08 00:30 Electrical bacteria may help clean oil spills and curb methane emissions

01/08 00:30 I think I have long COVID. What does that mean?


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