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Science News - wetenschap

01/06 00:30 Race car drivers tend to blink at the same places in each lap

01/06 00:30 Microwaving an insecticide restores its mosquito-killing power

01/06 00:30 Saturn’s rings may be no more than 400 million years old

01/06 00:30 Brain implants have revealed a signature for chronic pain

01/06 00:30 Deblina Sarkar is building microscopic machines to enter our brains

01/06 00:30 Jupiter’s lightning bolts contort the same way as Earth’s

01/06 00:30 Spiny mice have armadillo-like armor in their tails

01/06 00:30 A brain implant helped a man with paralysis walk more naturally

01/06 00:30 19th century painters may have primed their canvases with beer-brewing leftovers

01/06 00:30 5,000 deep-sea animals new to science turned up in ocean records

01/06 00:30 Soil microbes that survived tough climates can help young trees do the same

01/06 00:30 Oldest traces of a dysentery-causing parasite were found in ancient toilets

01/06 00:30 This house was built partly from recycled diapers

01/06 00:30 A quake on Mars showed its crust is thicker than Earth’s

01/06 00:30 Why the 2023 Atlantic hurricane season is especially hard to predict

01/06 00:30 A hunt for fungi might bring this orchid back from the brink

01/06 00:30 With tools from Silicon Valley, Quinton Smith builds lab-made organs

01/06 00:30 Quantum computers braided ‘anyons,’ long-sought quasiparticles with memory

01/06 00:30 How a new Lyme vaccine for mice may protect people

01/06 00:30 These ants build tall nest hills to help show the way home


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