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Watts Up With That? - wetenschap

21/05 23:30 Activists hope that fake news about droughts will win

21/05 19:30 Will 5G Undermine Weather Prediction?

21/05 18:30 Global warming, the “universal boogeyman” of our times, is causing dog depression.

21/05 15:30 The Book That NOAA Should Have Extremes and Averages in Contiguous U.S. Climate

21/05 11:30 South Florida wading birds nested like crazy in 2018, a great sign for the Everglades

21/05 07:30 The Only “Radical” Climate Action Will Save Us from a Bleak Future of Watching Game of Thrones Reruns

21/05 03:30 Climate Alarmism – UP TO ELEVEN!!!

20/05 23:30 Aussie Election Blamestorm “Voters feared climate policy more than climate change”

20/05 20:30 Warming Temperature Measurements Polluted by Bad Data, Research Confirms

20/05 19:30 Climate change could bring bubonic plague back to Los Angeles

20/05 15:30 Ending Obama EPA climate deception

20/05 11:30 Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #360

20/05 09:30 How plants are working hard for the planet

20/05 05:30 Mann and Lewandowsky’s Climate “We Have Lost Australia For Now”

20/05 03:30 United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres Imitates James Comey.

19/05 21:30 Daily stories of climate death build a Green New Deal!

19/05 17:30 Calibrating the CERES Image of the Earth’s Radiant Emission to Space

19/05 14:30 Academic quits in disgust over university sacking of Peter Ridd

19/05 11:30 Utility Halts Natural Gas Hook-Ups For NYC, Long Island After Cuomo Administration Blocks Pipeline

19/05 07:30 CO2 and ocean chemistry

19/05 03:30 Aussie Election Climate Activism is a Game for Lazy Rich Elitists

19/05 00:30 World Leaders’ Ignorance About Climate Change Continues Despite Simple, Obvious Evidence.

18/05 23:30 Climate issue rejected – Historic win in Australia after Labor loses ‘unlosable’ election

18/05 23:30 140 Years to a PETM-Style Doomsday!!! Another PETM/Chicken Little of the Sea Epic Fail

18/05 22:30 Climate issue rejected -Historic landslide win in Australia after Labor loses ‘unlosable’ election

18/05 21:30 @Newsweek goes full retard

18/05 19:30 World Leader’s Ignorance About Climate Change Continues Despite Simple, Obvious Evidence.

18/05 15:30 The Guardian officially goes full climate alarmist language

18/05 11:30 NASA Testing Method to Grow Bigger Plants in Space

18/05 08:30 Scientific Hubris and Global Warming

18/05 03:30 Indonesia Threatens to Withdraw From Paris Agreement Over Palm Oil

17/05 23:30 Robots Recreating Past Temperatures – Are Best to Avoid Australian Data

17/05 19:30 California’s CO2 reduction claim bogus, ignores states forest management and wildfire emissions debacle

17/05 15:30 Our Urban “Climate Crisis”


17/05 08:30 Study finds 24% of West Antarctic ice is now unstable

17/05 05:30 Jay Inslee’s “Evergreen Economy” Plan – Unleashing Subprime Climate Change Debt

17/05 01:30 Chinese Lunar Rover May Have Identified Mantle Exposure

16/05 21:30 Illinois Could Raise EV Registration Fee To $1,000, Hike Gas Tax

16/05 17:30 Half of 21st Century Warming Due to El Nino

16/05 13:30 No Hockey Studies Reveal Long-Term Lack of Warming

16/05 11:30 Tesla’s solar factory is exporting most of its cells – document

16/05 08:30 Climate change, maternal care & parasitic infection all connected in SA fur seals

16/05 03:30 Ian Climate Activist Aussie Labor Leader is “Unelectable”

15/05 23:30 Why Resources Aren’t ‘Natural’ and Will Never Run Out

15/05 21:30 Fossil Fuel Fake Subsidies Top $5 Trillion in 2017

15/05 19:30 Fear, loathing, intolerance – and worse

15/05 15:30 Internet Science Made “Scientists Warn Gulf Of Mexico ‘Supervolcano’ About To Erupt”

15/05 11:30 Jakobshavn Mighty Greenland glacier slams on brakes

15/05 07:30  Even Millennials Don’t Care President Trump is a Climate Skeptic

15/05 03:30 Fish Ear The Latest Climate Change Proxy

14/05 23:30 Not Threatened By Climate Bengal Tigers

14/05 19:30 Solution to “Climate Crisis”: Ban scientific conferences/conventions

14/05 15:30 California’s government solely responsible for states forest management and wildfire debacle

14/05 12:30 Research sheds light on UK’s new unsustainable viewing habits

14/05 09:30 Three solar storms headed for Earth

14/05 07:45 Bill Nye …the Foul Mouthed Science Guy

14/05 03:30 Elvis calls for “Space Wilderness” to Protect Solar System From Mining!

14/05 01:30 What’s Wrong With The Surface Temperature Record? Dr. Roger Pielke Sr.

13/05 23:30  Joe Biden’s Climate Views are Not Radical Enough to Win Democrat Nomination

13/05 21:30 How to brainwash your children while passing your pathologies on to them.

13/05 19:30 #AOC ‘…world ending in 12 years due to climate change’ – it was “a joke”

13/05 15:30 Germany tests its first ‘electric highway’ for trucks

13/05 11:30 Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #359

13/05 05:30 UN Climate “political will seems to be fading”

13/05 01:30 Liftoff of SpaceX’s CRS-17 Dragon Cargo Craft

12/05 21:30 Politically Incorrect Tiny Houses

12/05 19:30 ‘Middle Ground’? Conservatives Wary Of Biden’s Hiring Of Former Obama Climate Change Advisers

12/05 15:30 Climate Activist Patagonia Clothing Chain Buying Clothes off Other Chains is Evil

12/05 11:30 Is the Long Renewables Honeymoon Over?

12/05 05:30 Shale Boom Doomed According to Bill McKibben’s Preferred Oil & Gas Industry Experts

12/05 01:30 Climate Heathrow Expansion Decision to be Reviewed

11/05 21:30 Does NASA’s Latest Study Confirm Global Warming?

11/05 19:30 How capitalism will save endangered species

11/05 17:30 Saturday Who is behind sad Greta Thunberg?


11/05 11:30 Continuous observations in the North Atlantic challenges current view about ocean circulation variability

11/05 07:30 Last Minute Friday Funny

11/05 04:30 Curious Correlations

11/05 01:30 Comparison of global climatologies confirms warming of the global ocean

10/05 21:30 Climate data shows no recent warming in Antarctica, instead a slight cooling

10/05 17:30 Global Warming Energy Restrictions Threaten U.S. National Security

10/05 15:30 UN Chief António Guterres, Citing Climate Worries, Says He Only Eats At Steak Houses Once Every 3 Months

10/05 08:30 SVENSMARK’s Force Majeure, The Sun’s Large Role in Climate Change

10/05 07:30 Do most Americans believe in human-caused climate change?

10/05 03:30 Climate Action Hardly Anyone Bothers to Carbon Offset Air Travel

09/05 23:30 Free-Flowing Rivers Imperiled by Dams

09/05 21:30 Climate change is helping older trees grow better

09/05 18:30 The reproducibility crisis in science

09/05 15:30 Is ‘Climate Anxiety’ Real? CNN Says It Is, Then Blames Trump

09/05 11:30 Decarbonisation and the Command Economy

09/05 07:30 Behold the Experiments reveal ‘instability threshold’ of elastic-plastic material

08/05 23:30 Frac’ing Goes Green… The Electric Frac Job Is Here!

08/05 19:30 How Climate Change Buried a Desert 20,000 Feet Beneath the Gulf of Mexico Seafloor

08/05 17:30 New “exascale” supercomputer can run incorrect climate models even faster

08/05 15:30 Arctic Council Drops Climate Change References, Blames Trump Administration

08/05 11:30 The Trouble With Carbon Lessons For Asian Policymakers

08/05 07:30 Lawn Care Tips From Eric Holthaus

08/05 03:30 UN Paris Agreement Architect Intervenes to Purge Key Aussie Climate Skeptic from Parliament

08/05 02:30 Climate skeptic (was) to be on CNN tonight – challenging Michio Kaku- CNN chickened out

08/05 00:30 Climate skeptic to be on CNN tonight – challenging Michio Kaku

07/05 23:30 The View from Down Here Isn’t Much Different

07/05 19:30 Climate’s uncertainty principle

07/05 15:30 Willis’ Favorite Airport

07/05 11:30 Impossible research produces 400-year El Niño record, revealing startling changes

07/05 09:30  We Now Have Only 12 Seconds Left Until Climate Change Destroys The Planet

07/05 05:30 Empirical Indoctrinated US Climate Activist Kids can be Used to Influence their Conservative Parents

07/05 01:30 The Oil & Gas Industry Capital of the World’s Totally Ignorant of the Oil & Gas Industry

06/05 21:30 Bramston Reef Corals – The Other Side of the Mud Flat

06/05 18:30 A New 200‐year Spatial Reconstruction of West Antarctic Surface Mass Balance

06/05 15:30 Climate Change Misconceived

06/05 09:30 Hubble Spots Stunning Spiral Galaxy

06/05 05:30 Climate Politics Abroad Are Turning Decidedly Skeptical

06/05 02:30 The Extinction Rebellion’s hysteria vs. climate science

05/05 22:30 IMF Demands a Global Carbon Pricing Cartel to Meet $6 Trillion / Year Climate Infrastructure Spend

05/05 18:30 Not Threatened By Climate Canada’s Maple Syrup

05/05 03:30 Democrat Members of the Climate Crisis Committee Showed Up for a Meeting!

04/05 23:30 Swedish Power Shortages Because of Renewable Energy

04/05 20:30 Register to be a reviewer for IPCC Sixth Assessment climate report – AR6

04/05 15:30 Big Oil goes Big Green

04/05 09:30 Climate Giving Up Flying is Too Much of a Sacrifice

03/05 23:30  “microsite bias matters more than UHI, especially in the first kilometer”

03/05 21:30 “Bill McKibben Sees Rays of Hope in a Grim Climate Picture”…

03/05 10:30 BIG NEWS – Verified by NOAA – poor weather station siting leads to artificial long term warming

03/05 06:30 UK Climate “the climate denial movement has run its course”


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