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Watts Up With That? - wetenschap

28/11 07:30 ESA to Launch Space Junk Claw

28/11 03:30  Covid-19 Mutations are NOT Helping the Virus Spread

27/11 23:45 Books on the ‘Climate Emergency’ – Suggested Christmas Reading for Sceptics

27/11 19:30 Trudeau Pranked by Fake Greta

27/11 16:30 UVB Activation of AMPs Production in the Skin and the Innate Respiratory Immunity

27/11 11:30 Artemis I Stacks Up

27/11 08:30 An approximation to determine the source of the WOW! Signal

27/11 03:30 Richard Branson Launches a New Climate Action Coalition

26/11 23:30 Historical bias overlooks genes related to COVID-19

26/11 19:45 Animal instincts could be inherited expert knowledge

26/11 15:30  Climate Change Increases the Risk of Global Pandemics

26/11 12:30 Italian Covid-19 Lockdown Businesses Threaten a Tax Strike

26/11 07:30 Scientists Discover Skyscraper-Sized Reef… In the Great Barrier Reef

26/11 03:45  The US Must Regain Global Climate Trust by Offering “Tangible Support”

25/11 23:30 Under The Equator

25/11 19:30  Don’t let the “Climate Grinches” ruin your holiday

25/11 16:30 Cultural motivations for wind and solar renewables deployment

25/11 12:30 The Great American Outdoors Act

25/11 07:30 Strengthening the climate change scenario framework

25/11 03:45 German Think Climate Deniers are Holding Back Climate Action

25/11 00:30  “impact of the COVID-19 confinements [on CO2] cannot be distinguished from natural variability”

24/11 20:30 The U.S. National Temperature Index, is it based on data? Or corrections?

24/11 16:30 An Important Finding about the September Labor Day Wildfires

24/11 11:45 Famous Failed UK Offshore Wind Edition

24/11 07:45 Biden taps John Kerry as Presidential climate envoy – Expect merging of COVID & Climate – ‘You could just as easily replace the words climate change with COVID-19’

24/11 03:45 US Sheriffs Refusing to Enforce Covid-19 Thanksgiving Lockdowns

23/11 23:30 Field Geology on Mars Reveals Evidence of Megaflood

23/11 19:30 Sea Levels in the Nino Nina Cycle

23/11 15:30 Republican State Legislatures are Positively Correlated with Obesity, Democrat Legislatures with Death from #Coronavirus

23/11 14:30 Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #432

23/11 07:45 Preventing future forest infernos

23/11 04:45 State Security, Your Papers Please? UK to introduce “Freedom Passes” for Coronavirus

22/11 23:30 China Accuses Italy of Being the Source of Covid-19

22/11 19:30 Tony Abbott Warns Britain Not to Mess Up Post Brexit Trade Deals with Climate Activism

22/11 15:30 Five rules for evidence communication

22/11 11:30 16-Year-Old Cosmic Mystery Solved, Revealing Stellar Missing Link

22/11 07:30 Some Amazon rainforest regions more resistant to climate change than previously thought

22/11 03:30 What is the Great Reset?

21/11 23:30 Plant evolves to become less visible to humans

21/11 19:45 “Sinking” Maldives Clear Forests, Pave Beaches, To Construct Four New Airports For Future Tourism!

21/11 15:30 Survey Where Are All the Sick People?

21/11 12:30 German Parliament Accused of Passing a Covid-19 Enabling Act

21/11 07:30  Taxing the Poor to Benefit the Rich

21/11 03:45 “We do not deny climate change”: Rupert Murdoch Responds to Accusations

20/11 23:45  “About 25% of U.S. power plants can start up within an hour”

20/11 19:30 Slower decay of landfalling Hurricanes in a warmer world — really?

20/11 15:30 London Mayor Sadiq Khan Demands Covid-19 Vaccine Apartheid

20/11 11:30 Climate change and ‘atmospheric thirst’ to increase fire danger and drought in NV and CA

20/11 07:30  Send Fewer Emails to Reduce Global Warming

20/11 03:45 New footage reveals Netflix faked walrus climate deaths

19/11 23:45 Climate Thinktank Slams Australia for Global Warming Inaction

19/11 19:45 Google Doesn’t Like It

19/11 15:30 UK Bans Gasoline and Diesel Vehicle Sales from 2030

19/11 11:30  Study confirms contribution of bioenergy to climate change mitigation

19/11 07:45 California Governor Apologises for Breaching his Own Covid-19 Lockdown Rules

19/11 03:45 2020 Hurricane Season Curtailed Over 40 Million bbl of GOM Oil Production

19/11 00:45 We still Have a Chance? Norwegian Climate Doomsday Authors Issue a “Clarification”

18/11 22:45 Pennsylvania is Flirting with Self-Imposed Energy Disaster

18/11 19:45  The USA’s Largest Radio Observatory is on the Verge of Structural Collapse

18/11 15:30 Good Gulf of Boothia and M’Clintock Channel polar bear survey results

18/11 11:45 Report In retrospect, the burning of wood in district heating plants has resulted in climate saving

18/11 07:30 Washington President Biden will Punish Australia for Climate Failures

18/11 03:30 The structure of complex issues

17/11 23:30 Children and the Insect Apocalypse

17/11 19:30 Where Are All the Sick People?

17/11 15:30 A sweeping climate model of the Red Sea

17/11 11:45 CO2 Clean Coal Technology Can Fight Energy Poverty in Africa

17/11 07:30 Bezos Gives $791 million to Climate Activists, Another $9 billion Planned

17/11 03:30 Deutsche Bank Green Covid-19 Recovery Tax People for the “Privilege” of Working from Home

16/11 23:45 Locking Down See Oh Too

16/11 19:30 CMIP6 adds more value in simulating extreme temperatures in China

16/11 15:30 The How do we Protect Venice from Flooding and Sea Level Rise?

16/11 11:30 Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #431

16/11 07:30 Birth of magnetar from colossal collision potentially spotted for first time

16/11 03:45 Uncertain Germany’s Potsdam Climate Institute Humiliated After One-Year El Nino Forecast Model Flops

15/11 23:45 Possible 1,000-kilometer-long river running deep below Greenland’s ice sheet

15/11 19:30 The Government Corruption of Science

15/11 15:30 Microbes might be gatekeepers of the planet’s greatest greenhouse gas reserves

15/11 12:30 Atmospheric rivers help create massive holes in Antarctic sea ice

15/11 07:30 AU $53 Billion to Service a Green Hydrogen Market which Does Not Exist

15/11 03:45 The “China has started to ‘walk the walk’ on climate crisis”

14/11 22:30 The Paper that Blew it Up

14/11 18:45 The Cartoons by Josh Calendar 2021

14/11 15:45 Measuring the true cost of conservation

14/11 11:30 Climate Sensitivity Declining or Not?

14/11 07:30 Aurora-Chasing Citizen Scientists Help Discover A New Feature of STEVE

14/11 03:45 CSIRO State of the Climate Australia Up by Almost 1.5C

13/11 23:30 Shorefast ice formation and the fall feeding season for polar bear

13/11 22:30 Friday Funny Funniest Things Blamed on Climate Change?

13/11 20:30 Call to become an author/tech input for the next National Climate Assessment

13/11 19:30 John People Need Democrat Covid-19 Policies More than Food

13/11 18:30 Friday Dilbert nails the climate blame game

13/11 16:30 Disconnect in the relationship between GMST and ECS

13/11 11:30  Humanity “is beyond the point-of-no-return” on Climate Change

13/11 07:30 The “Right now, there is no federal agency tasked with developing a systemic understanding of climate change…”

13/11 03:30 Modern Climate Change Science

12/11 23:45 “Eventually Tibet Will Become like Afghanistan”: Dalai Lama Calls for Urgent Climate Action

12/11 20:30 The Coming Energy Shocks under a Biden Administration

12/11 15:30  Climate change causes landfalling hurricanes to stay stronger for longer

12/11 11:30 Joe Biden Advisor Recommends 4-6 Week National Covid-19 Lockdown

12/11 08:30  Ignoring Climate Activist Campaigns is No Longer an Option for Australian Business

12/11 03:30  US CO2 Emissions From Electricity Generation Down to 1980’s Levels… Frac On!

12/11 00:30 The contradictions of Green policies to limit CO2 emissions

11/11 19:30  Evidence of Malfeasance in Reporting of Election Totals?

11/11 15:30 Prince Max Two Children for Climate Change

11/11 11:30 How ancient dust from the sea floor helps to explain climate history

11/11 07:30 The “International Momentum” and Green Jobs will Persuade Republicans to Back Biden’s Green New Deal

11/11 03:45 Utility-Scale Battery Costs “Fall” to $625/kWh

10/11 23:45 Facts and Theories, Updated

10/11 19:30 Improving high-energy lithium-ion batteries with carbon filler

10/11 15:45 Michael Kuperberg Fired from National Climate Assessment Post

10/11 11:45  UK Imports 32% of Fruit and Vegetables from “Climate Vulnerable” Countries

10/11 07:30 The Great Covid-19 Bicycle Shortage

10/11 03:30 Free science is here and growing fast

09/11 23:30 SAR, the Turning Point

09/11 19:30 Put More Money into Renewable Energy or We’ll Report You to Joe Biden?

09/11 16:30 Vindication of HCQ

09/11 11:30 Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #430

09/11 07:30 GWPF calls for urgent inquiry into rising blackout risk, threatening national security

09/11 04:30 The Joe Biden’s $1.7 Trillion Investment Could Reduce Global Warming by 0.1C

09/11 00:30 Boy Child, Girl Child

08/11 19:45 Fancy Leaving the Planet? Virgin Galactic Announces a November Flight

08/11 15:30 Students develop tool to predict the carbon footprint of algorithms

08/11 12:30 The future of power stations could make hydrogen, heat homes and decarbonise industry

08/11 08:30 Seeing dark matter in a new light


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