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Watts Up With That? - wetenschap

19/02 23:30 Global climate frameworks miss the ‘big picture’ on food, say scientists

19/02 19:30 Oh noes! Global warming to make shrimp louder

19/02 15:30 Sins of emission

19/02 11:30 Findings From NASA’s Juno Update Jupiter Water Mystery

19/02 10:30 Australians – Please Sign the Petition for a Royal Commission into Climate Science

19/02 07:30  Respected Military Generals Could Convince Climate Skeptics

19/02 03:30 Wash your Trash! Is recycling working?

18/02 23:30 ‘We Can Save Earth’: Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Announces $10-Billion Climate Action Plan

18/02 19:30 EU, UK & Australia Funding Orwellian Personal Carbon Rationing Trials

18/02 15:30 Lessons from the coronavirus about climate change


18/02 07:30  Why Is Boris Johnson Allowing Eco-Fascists to Run Riot in Britain?

18/02 03:30 Chinese “The [Wuhan] coronavirus probably originated from a laboratory”

18/02 00:30 U.S. Operational Weather Prediction is Crippled By Inadequate Computer Resources

17/02 21:30 My (Dr. Spencer’s) Presentation to the Pacific Pension & Investment Institute

17/02 17:30 The 100-year Oil Spill and Other Imaginary Tales of Conflation

17/02 15:30 Good Grief!

17/02 14:45 Extremes and Averages in Contiguous U.S. Climate – Part 10: The Contiguous U.S.

17/02 11:30 Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #399

17/02 07:30 Polar bear habitat at mid-winter as extensive as 2013 & better than 2006

17/02 03:30 Aussie Climate Emergency “Climate change must be accepted as an overriding threat to national and human security”

16/02 23:30 New findings from the Neotropics suggest contraction of the ITCZ

16/02 19:30 Plausible scenarios for climate 2020-2050

16/02 15:30 Waiting for Thwaites

16/02 11:30 A Weak El Nino Transitioning to La Nada

16/02 07:30 Are House Republicans Undermining President Trump’s Climate Policies?

16/02 03:30 Do ‘green’ buses pass the performance test?

15/02 23:30 Amazing but hidden news about coronavirus

15/02 19:30 Climate “Take-off distances will get longer as the climate warms”

15/02 15:30 Unsettled Climate 30 Years Apace

15/02 11:30 The Rise and Fall of Central England Temperatures; Part 3 2000-2019

15/02 07:30 Hawaiian residents will suffer greatly from new ‘climate saving’ carbon taxes

15/02 03:30 Human Activity in China and India Dominates the Greening of Earth, NASA Study Shows

14/02 23:30 The Voice Of The Lobster

14/02 19:30 Ocasio-Cortez Explains Why She’s Sponsoring A Bill To Ban Fracking Across The US

14/02 15:30 Wuhan Coronavirus—WUWT Update

14/02 11:30 Prank with Bernie Sanders (Stars Save the Earth #3)

14/02 07:30 Climate French President Accused of “Not Doing Enough”

14/02 03:30 Roger Pielke Jr., On SkepSci’s Academic Blacklisting

13/02 23:30 Michael “The country that pioneered the Industrial Revolution … [has] a responsibility to lead a Green … Revolution.”

13/02 21:30 Bad news for climate global carbon dioxide emissions flatlined in 2019

13/02 19:30 Fun With Lunar Temperatures

13/02 15:30 An autopsy of the climate policy debate’s corpse

13/02 11:30 ’Pale Blue Dot’ Revisited

13/02 07:30 NYUAD researchers find new method to allow corals to rapidly respond to climate change

13/02 03:45 Climate Ecologist Sues Own Retirement Fund

13/02 03:30 Climate UNSW Law Professor Sues Own Retirement Fund

12/02 23:30 Economic impact of energy consumption change caused by global warming

12/02 22:30 Hump Day ‘grief ritual for the state of the planet’

12/02 19:30 Oil Production On Federal Land Topped 1 Billion Barrels, Reducing Impact OPEC Has On Markets

12/02 15:30 Rich Climate Activists Demanding Greener Luxury Goods

12/02 11:30 GMSL Data Follow-up

12/02 07:30 Americans reluctant to join the EV train

12/02 03:30 Shock Some Plants can Adapt to Climate Change

11/02 23:30 Too much climate research money being spent on science… AEUHHH???

11/02 19:30 Climate science does an about- dials back the ‘worst case scenario’

11/02 15:30 Climate Change is not a Unless we make it one.

11/02 11:30 US Chamber of What if we banned frac’ing?

11/02 07:30 The star Betelgeuse will reveal likelihood to go supernova by Feb 21st

11/02 03:30 Renewable Revolution? Aussie Government Just Handed $4 Million to a Coal Plant Feasibility Study

10/02 23:30 Deceptive rhetoric at Davos could bring disaster

10/02 19:30 Wuhan Coronavirus–a WUWT Scientific Commentary

10/02 15:30 We must fight climate extremists before they upend society

10/02 11:30 A demo showing our broken climate policy debate

10/02 11:30 Weekly Energy and Climate News Roundup

10/02 07:30 The Green A high-fashion nightmare!

10/02 03:30 Media’s Horribly Dishonest Antarctica Propaganda

09/02 23:30 SEA Rise and Fall – Part 5: Bending the Trend

09/02 19:30 The ‘Skeptical Science’ Kidz go a bridge too far with blacklisting

09/02 17:45  study finds global warming may be net beneficial for the global economy

09/02 15:45 Accelerating The Acceleration

09/02 11:45 Message to the Media – HOW DARE YOU-Naomi Seibt

09/02 07:30 The Corona Epidemic – A Dangerous and a Less Dangerous Form

09/02 03:30  Climate Change is Speeding Up Global Ocean Currents

08/02 23:30 Activist Explains Why Climate Change Movement’s ‘Whiteness’ Drove Her To Stop Saving The Earth

08/02 19:30 The Monarch Abundance Roller-Coaster- part 2

08/02 17:30 Cambridge “The only way to hit net zero [carbon] by 2050 is to stop flying”

08/02 13:30 Breaking down the last decade of climate change in 7 charts

08/02 07:30 The World Just Missed a Five Year Paris Agreement Deadline to Raise Climate Ambition

08/02 03:30 Climate Activist Plan to Use Dodd-Frank Banking Laws to Force Fossil Fuel Divestment

07/02 23:45 UNSW “We are all Climate Deniers”

07/02 20:45 Corrected RCP Scenario Removal Fractions

07/02 16:45 Friday Manntastic claims require Manntastic evidence

07/02 15:45 What do you mean by “mean”: an essay on black boxes, emulators, and uncertainty

07/02 11:45 NASA to Send Ideas for Lunar Rovers

07/02 07:30 Sugar ants’ preference for pee may reduce greenhouse gas emissions

07/02 03:45 Sanders And Warren Campaigns Paid Reparations For An Estimated 2,102 Tons Of Coal Worth Of Carbon In 2019

06/02 23:30 Time Climate Change Will Make Lethal Coronavirus Epidemics More Likely

06/02 19:30 Cooling the Made Easy for Paul Barry

06/02 15:30 Big Trouble with Spiders

06/02 11:30 How ESA-NASA’s Solar Orbiter Beats the Heat

06/02 07:30 Aussie “Are economists globally understating or overstating the cost of climate change?”

06/02 03:30 The Insignificance of Greenland’s Ice Mass Loss in Five Easy Charts…

05/02 23:30 Global cooling after nuclear war would harm ocean life

05/02 19:30 Nature Has Been Removing Excess CO2 4X Faster than IPCC Models

05/02 17:30 A Solar Science Timeline – sunspots, cycles, and solar wind

05/02 17:30 Climate Action Ready Universities Offer Us their Geopolitical Leadership

05/02 13:45 How the tiniest particles in our universe saved us from complete annihilation

05/02 12:30  Wildfires increase winter snowpack — but that isn’t necessarily a good thing

05/02 07:45 Swedish Lawmakers Nominate Climate Activist Greta Thunberg For A Nobel Peace Prize

05/02 03:45 The A Majority of Americans Believe OTHER People Should Make Climate Sacrifices

04/02 23:45 Brief Details How The ‘Green New Deal’ Would Be An Environmental Disaster

04/02 19:30 Killing Birds

04/02 15:30 Sunspots, Verse 25

04/02 11:45 How much electricity may produce a $1 Billion Solar Plant backed by the Obama Energy Department?

04/02 07:45 Thai Doctors Claim a Chinese Corona Virus Breakthrough

04/02 04:30 Oxford Best Response Ever to a Fossil Fuel Divestment Demand

04/02 00:30 Australian bushfire season 2019-2020 – Severity, reasons and conclusions

03/02 19:30 Attenborough’s Arctic New video reveals that terrorizing young children about climate began with polar bears

03/02 18:30 IT’S BACK! Heartland’s 14th International Conference on Climate Change

03/02 11:45 Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #397

03/02 07:45 Secret Science Under Attack — Part 3

03/02 03:45 British Government Fires “Last Chance” COP26 Climate Conference Manager

02/02 22:30  Punxsutawney to retire Phil the groundhog, replace him with Greta Thunberg

02/02 19:30 Dungeness Crabs Redux

02/02 15:45 Will Humanity Ever Reach 2XCO2? Possibly Not

02/02 11:45 WATCH breathtaking fireball burst into life as it rains down on Russia’s Urals

02/02 07:45 The Conversation? “ethically misguided and downright dangerous” NOT to Censor Climate Deniers

02/02 03:45 Fewer Recessions Thanks to the Shale Revolution

01/02 23:45 Analysis of a carbon forecast gone the case of the IPCC FAR

01/02 19:30 Cold wave grips northern Saudi Arabia, meteorologists fear strongest cold snap ever

01/02 15:45 Enviros Rally Around A Podcast Designed To Out Supposed Big Oil Propagandists

01/02 11:45 New research highlights how plants are slowing global warming

01/02 07:30 Chinese Censorship Goes Facebook Agrees to Delete Corona Virus Posts Flagged by China

01/02 03:30 Rutgers University Global Snow Lab and “the Snows of Yesteryear”


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