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Watts Up With That? - wetenschap

25/09 11:30 Shell Goes Full BP

25/09 07:30 The Pure Evil of Hydrogen Hyping

25/09 03:30 The Medical Thought Police – They’re Coming for You

24/09 23:30 Green The Paris Agreement is Being Subverted by Evil Aussie Capitalists

24/09 19:30 Climate Apocalypse “We’re talking about the collapse of civilization, and I think it’s really important for people to hear that.”

24/09 15:30 Most partisan polling group ever assembled says climate change not a partisan issue!

24/09 11:45 CLINTEL puts hard climate questions to Bill Gates

24/09 07:30  Svalbard glaciers lost their protective buffer in the mid-1980s and have been melting ever since

24/09 03:30 California Governor Gavin Newsom Bans Sales of Gas Cars by 2035

23/09 23:30 Global change ecologist leads NASA satellite study of rapid greening across Arctic tundra

23/09 19:30 Watts Available

23/09 15:30 Herd immunity to COVID-19 and pre-existing immune responses

23/09 11:45 Moon Shadow Over Jupiter

23/09 07:45 Climate Hustle 2 premieres this Thursday

23/09 03:30 Facebook Vowed to Stop Climate Change Misinformation – Then Suspended Greenpeace

22/09 23:30 USA cost to go without fossil $18-29 Trillion

22/09 19:30 Here’s How Trump’s Potential SCOTUS Pick Could Make His Obama-Era Regulatory Rollbacks Permanent

22/09 15:30 Did Global Warming Play A Significant Role in the Recent Northwest Wildfires?

22/09 11:45 Corona-induced CO2 emission reductions are not yet detectable in the atmosphere

22/09 07:30 Prince Charles Calls for a Climate Action Marshall Plan

22/09 03:30 A Tale of Two Renewable Energy California vs Texas

21/09 23:30 Potential impact of the second-lowest sea ice minimum since 1979 on polar bear survival

21/09 19:30 Climate Working from Home Would Overload Australia’s Renewable Energy Grid

21/09 15:30 Climate or Environment?

21/09 11:30 Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #425

21/09 07:45 ‘Climate arson’ and other wildfire nonsense

21/09 04:30 BBC again How the oil industry made us doubt climate change

21/09 00:30  “How the oil industry made us doubt climate change”

20/09 19:45  The Shipping Industry is Subsidising the Oil Industry by buying Oil

20/09 15:30 Undersea earthquakes shake up climate science

20/09 11:45 “Return To Eden” by Marijn Poels, Now Free Online

20/09 07:30 Guardian Scratching for Climate Tipping Points

20/09 03:45 Solar panels generate mountains of waste

19/09 23:45 Dissent in Hungary

19/09 19:45 British FT Admits China is Using Calls for Climate Justice to Advance Their Economy

19/09 19:45  Climate Hustle 2 Movie coming on Sept 24th

19/09 15:45 Sea Ice Caused the Little Ice Age… Cart Pulls Horse… Film at 11

19/09 11:45 A New Cold Record set at International Should we be surprised?

19/09 07:30 British FT Positive Review for Two Climate Skeptic Books

19/09 03:45 “I hope they all die”: Marshall University Professor Wishes Coronavirus Death on Trump Supporters

18/09 23:45 Friday no caption needed

18/09 23:45  “The pandemic didn’t solve climate change. This week’s disasters are proof”

18/09 19:45 Wildfires offsetting California’s expensive cap-and-trade emissions cuts

18/09 15:45 Rep. Liz Cheney Asks The DOJ To Investigate Whether China, Russia Are Infiltrating US Environmental Groups

18/09 11:45 In Defence of Plug-in Hybrids

18/09 07:30 Is the Official Covid-19 Death Toll Accurate?

18/09 03:45 Connecticut strives for highest electricity rates in the USA

17/09 23:45 German Electricity Imports Hit New Record, Rise 43.3 Percent in First Half Of 2020!

17/09 19:30 FIRE

17/09 16:30 Friday Madden Now Allows You To Select Greta Thunberg As Your QB

17/09 11:45 Attenborough’s new attempt to scare people about polar bear extinction and walrus deaths

17/09 07:45 Congress Investigates the Appointment of Legates to NOAA

17/09 03:45 Tim “If there was a moment of true emergency in the fight to preserve our climate, it is now”

16/09 23:30 Beyond Petroleum Part “BP sees ‘peak oil’ in 2020s”

16/09 19:30 The “Escalator to Extinction” Myth

16/09 18:30 Irrefutable NASA global fires down by 25 percent

16/09 15:30 Irrefutable NASA global wildfire down by 25 percent

16/09 15:30 Scientific American Goes Full Anti-Science

16/09 11:45 Republican Led Government Commission Recommends a Carbon Tax

16/09 07:30  Possible evidence of life in the clouds?

16/09 03:30 A rebuttal to the Washington Post’s smear of David Legates appointment to NOAA

15/09 23:30 Solar Cycle 25 has officially begun

15/09 22:30 No “Swamp” to See Here — EPA Quietly Hires ‘Climate RICO’ Ringleader

15/09 19:30 Cooling The Hothouse

15/09 15:30 The Surface Energy Budget

15/09 11:30 Holding up a mirror to a dark matter discrepancy

15/09 07:30  Europeans Don’t Care Enough about Climate Change to Act

15/09 03:30 Charleston SC Junk Climate Lawsuit

14/09 23:30 Why the Covid-19 epidemic is essentially over & current PCR testing protocols are pointless

14/09 19:45  Astronomers create 40% more carbon emissions than the average Australian. Here’s how they can be more environmentally friendly

14/09 15:30 Gavin Newsom’s Exceedingly Ignorant Climate Claim

14/09 11:30 Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #424

14/09 07:45 Joe Biden on the West Coast “climate change poses an imminent, existential threat to our way of life”


13/09 23:30 A Message from Mother Earth to Nancy Pelosi

13/09 20:45 Storm Forecast This Week Could End Some West Coast Wildfires

13/09 19:45 Powerful Storm Forecast This Week Could End West Coast Wildfires

13/09 15:30 COVID-19: evidence shows that transmission by schoolchildren is low

13/09 11:45 Schizophrenic German Wind Power Output In August, Plagued By Wild Volatility

13/09 08:30 UK Coronavirus Cases Rising

13/09 03:45  Secret Climate Change Oil Executive Voice Recording

12/09 23:30 State of Delaware Lies About Willie Soon (as a scientist)

12/09 19:30 Climate Scientists Admit Clouds are Still a Big Unknown

12/09 14:45 Tucker Democrats, fires and the climate misinformation campaign

12/09 12:30 Nile floods – is the sun guilty?

12/09 08:30 Climate Change Financial Commodity Futures Trading Commission Edition

12/09 03:45 Nancy “Mother Earth is angry”… A 9/11 non sequitur

11/09 23:30 China Government Document Rates Non Discrimination Against Huawei 5G on a Par with Climate Action

11/09 23:30 My Interview on Brietbart Radio News

11/09 19:30 Jane Fonda on Climate “Just get rid of us Homo sapiens ASAP and things will restore themselves.”

11/09 15:30 The Dirty Dozen Tests Of Global Warming Science

11/09 11:45  Back to the Future!

11/09 07:45 The “Faith and politics mix to drive evangelical Christians’ climate change denial”

11/09 03:45 49 NASA Scientists Tell The Truth

10/09 23:45  Historical climate fluctuations in Central Europe overestimated due to tree ring analysis

10/09 19:45 The Guardian Celebrates the Rapid Greening of Climate Activist Europe

10/09 15:45 SEAMS Dreams (NOT)

10/09 11:45 Nobel prize-winning economics of climate change is misleading and dangerous – here’s why

10/09 07:30 California’s Creek Fire Creates Its Own Pyrocumulonimbus Cloud

10/09 03:45 UN Report Pushes Green Climate Friendly Covid Recovery

09/09 23:45 BLM “Cancels” Charles Darwin?

09/09 19:30  We Must Reduce CO2 Emissions to Prevent Bats Passing new Coronavirus Diseases to Humans

09/09 15:30 Part of the heat is coming from beneath our feet

09/09 11:30 California offshore winds show promise as power source

09/09 07:30 Sceptical covid-19 research and sceptical polar bear is there a difference?

09/09 03:45 The Climate of Scott Adams

08/09 23:30 Hanoi Jane claims Ivanka Trump “laughed” at her Global Warming nonsense… And?

08/09 19:30 Bill McKibben Talks Up the Alleged Climate Change Extreme Weather Link

08/09 15:30 Covid-19 CFR and IFR Confused

08/09 11:30 Multiple Fires Ignited, Major Dust Storm Develops, Tens of Thousands Out of Power, and I-90/US 2 Closed By Winds in Eastern Washington

08/09 07:30 Covid-19 Testing 1,000-times Too Sensitive?

08/09 03:30 Revisiting EPA’s Gold King Mine blowout – Part 2

07/09 23:30 Environmental Northern Europe Deforestation Up 49% Due To Effort To Meet “CO2 Targets”!

07/09 19:30 Sentinel-6 and Sea Level Rise

07/09 15:45 Extreme precipitation events have always occurred, but are they changing?

07/09 11:30 Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #422

07/09 07:45 Criminal charges dropped in case of polar bear shot by cruise ship guards in 2018

07/09 03:30 Extinction Rebellion Attacks Democracy, blockades the Free Press

06/09 23:45 Understanding Wildfires, Willie Soon, Ph.D.

06/09 19:30 Derecho Iowa Corn Damage Imaged By Satellite

06/09 15:30 Recalling EPA’s Gold King Mine disaster – Part 1

06/09 15:30 @CNN beclowns itself over Siberian craters supposedly caused by ‘climate change’

06/09 11:45 African Polio Outbreak Linked to Vaccine

06/09 07:45 “You B*stards Sacked Me”: When the climate sceptics arrived

06/09 03:30 Jane “If we don’t cut our fossil fuel emissions in half by 2030, … democracy … will become impossible.”


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