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Business Insider - economie

25/05 19:15 Amazon’s Alexa keeps recordings of your voice — here’s how to delete them

25/05 19:15 The owner of MoviePass tumbles to new low of $0.40

25/05 19:15 CRYPTO An exclusive interview with JPMorgan’s 29-year-old head of crypto strategy

25/05 19:15 United passenger forced to put puppy in overhead bin where it died reaches settlement with airline

25/05 19:15 Honda built a Civic pickup truck and it’s absolutely insane

25/05 18:45 Trump cuts North Korea some slack, saying Singapore summit could happen and ‘everyone plays games’

25/05 18:45 You can control this new software with your brain, and it should make Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg nervous

25/05 18:45 Chris Paul suffered an injury at the cruelest moment possible, and it could put the Rockets’ backs against the wall

25/05 18:45 ‘You don’t deserve American food’: Florida man arrested after allegedly attacking two men he believed to be Muslim in a McDonald’s parking lot

25/05 18:45 Michael Cohen met with a Russian oligarch in Trump Tower 11 days before Trump’s inauguration

25/05 18:15 15 maps that show how much things cost around the world

25/05 18:15 An executive from a top German soccer club explained why European clubs are so eager to break into the American and Chinese markets

25/05 18:15 Amazon’s Alexa keeps recordings of your voice — here’s how to listen to them

25/05 18:15 Uber and Lyft drivers share their 11 best ride-hailing hacks

25/05 17:45 Eric Schmidt shoots down Elon Musk’s doomsday vision of AI’s threat to ‘Elon is exactly wrong’

25/05 17:45 Steve Kerr’s biggest grievance with the Warriors is haunting them in a way nobody saw coming

25/05 17:45 Nieuwe dag, nieuwe Trump suggereert dat top met Kim Jong- un er mogelijk toch komt

25/05 17:45 The first storm of this year’s hurricane season has arrived, and it’s headed for the Gulf Coast

25/05 17:45 What happens when you stare at the sun

25/05 17:45 I’m a carnivore who ate vegan for a week, and it changed the way I think about my normal diet

25/05 17:45 These are the books Harvey Weinstein carried with him when he turned himself into police

25/05 17:45 A 25-year-old self-described ‘swatter’ has been charged with making a bomb threat that forced the FCC to evacuate during a net-neutrality vote

25/05 17:15 The largest mall in the US is coming to Miami, and it will have a massive indoor water park and ice rink

25/05 17:15 We went shopping for electronics at Best Buy and Sears — and it’s clear who does it better

25/05 17:15 ‘They want this Fortnite audience’: Rivals are probably going to copy battle royale mode

25/05 17:15 Old interview footage shows Morgan Freeman making creepy comments to female ‘Entertainment Tonight’ reporters

25/05 17:15 A 25-year-old serial ‘swatter’ has been indicted for allegedly making a bomb threat during the FCC’s net neutrality vote that forced the entire building to evacuate

25/05 17:15 11 villains who should be introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

25/05 16:45 Putin blasted Trump’s trade fights without ever saying his name

25/05 16:45 United passenger who was forced to put puppy in overhead bin where it died reaches a settlement with the airline

25/05 16:45 TotalBiscuit, one of the gaming world’s most popular YouTubers, has died aged 33

25/05 16:45 Gap is doubling down on one of retail’s deadliest mistakes

25/05 16:15 The rise and fall of Theranos, the blood-testing startup that went from a rising star in Silicon Valley to facing fraud charges over a wild 15-year span

25/05 16:15 One of the most popular YouTubers in the gaming world has died at 33

25/05 16:15 China’s top electric car startup is using Apple’s playbook in China to take on Tesla

25/05 16:15 2 injured, 1 suspect in custody after shooting at middle school in Noblesville, Indiana, authorities say

25/05 15:45 Fiat Chrysler is sliding after announcing it’s recalling 4.8 million car

25/05 15:45 Smiling Harvey Weinstein leaves police station in handcuffs after being charged with 4 sex offenses

25/05 15:45 Sallie Krawcheck, once the ‘most powerful woman on Wall Street,’ says her startup Ellevest doesn’t empower women — because that’s not what they need

25/05 15:45 Ford just updated its F-150 Raptor pickup to be even more insane

25/05 15:15 11 things unsuccessful people do over long weekends

25/05 15:15 17 dingen die je nooit aan moet doen naar een sollicitiatiegesprek

25/05 15:15 Russian submarine activity in the North Atlantic has reportedly ‘increased tenfold,’ and the UK is struggling to keep up

25/05 15:15 Zo kan Italië in 9 stappen de eurozone opblazen

25/05 15:15 Mark Zuckerberg responds to Elon Musk’s paranoia about ‘AI is going to… help keep our communities safe.’

25/05 15:15 Inademen voor de deze G-krachten moeten Formule 1-coureurs als Max Verstappen doorstaan

25/05 14:45 Er zijn beelden opgedoken waarin Morgan Freeman dubieuze opmerkingen maakt – ‘Zou je rotzooien met oudere mannen?’

25/05 14:45 Trump praises North Korea’s response to him canceling the summit, says peace still possible

25/05 14:45 9 common words you probably didn’t know came from movies

25/05 14:15 EU privacy Big tech firms are ‘blackmailing’ users into agreeing with their new data terms

25/05 14:15 De club die vorig seizoen de Champions League won, kreeg niet het meeste prijzengeld

25/05 14:15 Trump gave Kim Jong Un a taste of his own medicine — and now North Korea is begging to save the summit

25/05 13:45 Foot Locker beats big on earnings

25/05 13:45 Harvey Weinstein turns himself in to New York police over sexual assault charges

25/05 13:15 Old interview footage shows Morgan Freeman making creepy comments to female Entertainment Tonight reporters

25/05 13:15 Roger Federer said he wouldn’t be as successful without Rafa Nadal — here’s why

25/05 13:15 Facebook gave 4 reasons why it’s ready to lose money and credibility to continue running political adverts

25/05 12:45 Werknemers hebben het meest aan een baas die zichzelf niet de beste vindt- blijkt uit dit grote onderzoek

25/05 12:15 Android-fabrikanten nemen massaal het ontwerp van de iPhone X met ‘notch’ over – en tonen zo hun gebrek aan creativiteit

25/05 12:15 A court has heard how a couple who murdered a young woman and burned her body were afflicted by ‘folie à deux’ — here’s what it means

25/05 11:45 Android-telefoonmakers nemen massaal het ontwerp van de iPhone X met “notch” over – en tonen zo hun gebrek aan creativiteit

25/05 11:45 Trump gave Kim Jong Un a taste of his own medicine —and now North Korea is begging to save the summit

25/05 11:45 Spraakcomputer Alexa luistert ongevraagd gesprek Amerikaans koppel af, neemt het op en stuurt het naar een ‘Totale inbreuk op privacy’

25/05 11:45 One of the most popular YouTubers in the gaming world has died aged 33

25/05 11:15 Topschaatser Jorrit Bergsma vertrekt bij de man die vorig jaar in zijn hand werd geschoten bij Thialf

25/05 11:15 Een echte Rembrandt laten glippen en 4 andere gemiste gouden kansen die een fortuin hadden kunnen opleveren

25/05 11:15 Here’s what time the Champions League final starts where you live — and how you can watch it live online

25/05 10:45 Nederland stelt Rusland aansprakelijk voor neerhalen MH17 – hoop gevestigd op internationale rechtszaak die Russen moet dwingen tot medewerking

25/05 10:45 Instagram says it tracks how you tap and scroll inside the app

25/05 10:45 Topschaatser Jorrit Bergsma vertrekt bij de man die ooit werd neergeschoten bij Thialf

25/05 10:45 Privacywaakhond ligt in coma – en laat het mkb voorlopig met rust

25/05 10:15 Trump gave North Korea a big, legitimizing win even without the summit

25/05 09:45 De grootste broeikas ter wereld is weer open en er groeien planten die al zijn uitgestorven

25/05 09:45 Jesse Klaver kreeg lambriseringslatjes en een boomstamkapstok van Eigen Huis & Tuin – de opknapbeurt staat in het Geschenkenregister

25/05 09:15 15 people injured after 2 men set off a bomb at a restaurant in Canada, police say

25/05 09:15 Zo weet je welke MacBook je het beste kunt kopen

25/05 09:15 Vergeet Mars, er zou leven op Venus kunnen zijn

25/05 09:15 Zo overleef je een slangenbeet

25/05 08:45 Zzp’er wil zich maar niet verzekeren tegen arbeidsongeschiktheid – aantal verzekerde zelfstandig ondernemers is weer gedaald

25/05 08:45 Zo’n 27.000 klanten van ING en de Volksbank krijgen te veel betaalde boeterente terug – wanneer volgen andere banken?

25/05 08:15 Samsung heeft de iPhone schaamteloos gekopieerd – en moet nu $539 miljoen betalen aan Apple

25/05 08:15 Police found $28.6 million-worth of cash sitting in an empty apartment linked to Malaysia’s former prime minister Najib Razak

25/05 07:45 Police say 2 suspects detonated an explosive device inside a Canadian restaurant, injuring at least 15 people

25/05 07:15 Local police say 2 suspects detonated an explosive device inside a restaurant in Mississauga, Canada, injuring at least 15 people

25/05 06:45 At least 15 people injured in suspected explosion at a restaurant in Canada

25/05 06:45 Air France is the latest airline to appease China by changing the way it describes Taiwan, as Beijing hands carriers an extension to mid-2018

25/05 06:15 Trump reportedly thought North Korea would pull out of a planned summit and embarrass the US — so he beat them to it

25/05 06:15 Rockets take series lead after bonkers final 60 seconds to push the Warriors to the brink

25/05 04:45 Australia’s intelligence chief warns of ‘unprecedented’ foreign interference with more spies now than during the Cold War

25/05 04:15 North Korea responds to Trump cancelling US summit, says it’s ready to ‘resolve issues anytime’

25/05 03:15 Tesla Model S driving on Autopilot accelerated before crashing into a Utah fire truck

25/05 02:15 Another major Mexican company is shutting down some of its operations amid record levels of violence

25/05 02:15 Photo hints at the mood in the room as South Korean officials learned Trump canceled the US-North Korea summit

25/05 01:15 WHERE ARE THEY NOW? The 2005 Champion League-winning Liverpool team

25/05 01:15 Andy Rubin, the father of Android, has reportedly cancelled his next big smartphone and might sell the company after raising $300 million

25/05 01:15 The 2018 hurricane season begins in less than a week, and early forecasts predict more storms than average — again

25/05 01:15 Rudy Giuliani and Michael Avenatti are going to war over the latest attempt to jumpstart the Stormy Daniels case

25/05 01:15 There’s a fatal flaw at the heart of Trump’s auto tariff strategy

25/05 01:15 ‘We waited and waited’: White House says North Korea ghosted the US before Trump-Kim summit was canceled

25/05 00:45 13 things I wish someone had told me before I had a second baby

25/05 00:45 The US Border Patrol could be facing a lawsuit after 2 US citizens say they were detained for speaking Spanish

25/05 00:15 Snapchat ranks dead-last in a new advertising poll — and it shows how little progress has been made since its IPO

25/05 00:15 Harvey Weinstein will reportedly turn himself in and face sexual-assault charges in New York

25/05 00:15 Ivanka Trump blasts rule she says penalizes Serena Williams at the French Open for having a baby

24/05 23:15 ‘Fortnite’ is getting a major new mode that will finally give players a chance to practice

24/05 23:15 Harvey Weinstein will reportedly turn himself in and face sexual assault charges in New York

24/05 23:15 Trump hung out with Sylvester Stallone and Lennox Lewis as he pardoned former heavyweight champion Jack Johnson

24/05 23:15 A new report says Trump’s attempt to ‘repeal’ Obamacare might fizzle because too many Americans like their Obamacare plan

24/05 23:15 One of the hottest ’80s fitness brands is banking on female CrossFitters and a swanky new office to be its saving grace

24/05 23:15 Experts say Trump’s decision to pull out of the Kim Jong Un summit was right, but North Korea may still benefit

24/05 22:45 Stocks fall after US cancels North Korea summit

24/05 22:45 IBM will give $200,000 to a team that can come up with a solution for natural disaster relief

24/05 22:45 Brett Favre admitted to spending multiple stints in rehab during his NFL playing career

24/05 22:15 Gwyneth Paltrow says Brad Pitt threatened to kill Harvey Weinstein after she told him Weinstein sexually harassed her

24/05 22:15 Poetin belooft aan Macron de Nederlandse bevindingen over de MH17 te gaan analyseren

24/05 22:15 A JetBlue plane was forced to make an emergency landing after colliding with a bird

24/05 22:15 Chipotle has started adding drive-thrus — but there is a huge catch

24/05 21:45 3 big transgender rights cases are going to court this week, and they could set important legal precedent

24/05 21:15 ‘It’s a f—ing circus’: Experts are floored that White House officials attended highly classified briefings about the Russia probe

24/05 21:15 ‘The stock market has sucked on nitrous oxide’ — Wall Street’s most feared short seller just called out a new company, taking a big bite out of its stock

24/05 21:15 Trump wants to slap massive tariffs on imported cars and trucks — here’s who would lose the most

24/05 21:15 Ivanka Trump blasts rule that penalized Serena Williams at the French Open for having a baby

24/05 21:15 Israel reportedly just launched missile attack near Homs in Syria

24/05 21:15 The 10 most hated people on a plane

24/05 20:45 Confessions of Facebook’s parking valets, who see everything from protests to panic attacks


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