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Business Insider - economie

19/11 21:15 How to invert the colors of any image in Photoshop in 3 simple steps

19/11 21:15 The Winklevii just made their first-ever acquisition — and they’re buying a crypto firm run by another pair of identical twins

19/11 21:15 FedEx defended its $0 income tax in 2018 by touting its ‘best-funded’ pension plan. Now, that pension is set to get slashed.

19/11 21:15 Flames engulfed two luxury yachts worth over $20 million in Florida, sinking them — here’s what happened

19/11 21:15 A Chinese hunter was diagnosed with the bubonic plague after eating a rabbit. Now 28 people are under quarantine.

19/11 21:15 A$AP Rocky is reportedly designing new uniforms for the Swedish prison where he was held for a month on assault charges

19/11 21:15 Trump and Republicans zero in on decorated Army officer Alexander Vindman wearing his military uniform to impeachment hearings

19/11 21:15 An anti-meth PSA is going viral because it says ‘Meth. We’re on it.’ An expert says it’s a ‘colossal’ waste of money.

19/11 20:45 Joe Biden is running for president in 2020. Here’s everything we know about the candidate and how he stacks up against the competition.

19/11 20:45 Marc Benioff gave a protester who interrupted his speech 30 seconds to talk, with a giant countdown clock displayed on the conference screen, ‘because I value free speech’

19/11 20:45 First Lady Melania Trump was completely caught off-guard by Trump’s surprise Saturday visit to Walter Reed Medical Center, Trump claimed

19/11 20:45 The Justice Department says no one entered Jeffrey Epstein’s cell the night he died, refuting the conspiracy theory that he was murdered

19/11 20:45 Nintendo’s first store in Japan opens this Friday, and it looks like a Nintendo-lover’s paradise — here’s what it’s like inside

19/11 20:45 Hilary Duff brought back Lizzie McGuire’s iconic bangs for the upcoming sequel show

19/11 20:45 Safra Catz will remain Oracle’s sole CEO while the company grooms a new exec to replace the late Mark Hurd as co-CEO

19/11 20:15 THEN AND 8 tourist attractions that became popular in the 2010s

19/11 20:15 How to freeze columns in Microsoft Excel to compare data throughout your spreadsheet

19/11 20:15 We drove a $44,000 Nissan Leaf Plus to figure out if this 2019 Car of the Year runner-up is ready to take on Tesla

19/11 20:15  Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman gave damning testimony against Trump while fielding GOP attacks on his patriotism and loyalty

19/11 20:15 The best blenders

19/11 20:15 This video gives a rare look inside Apple’s $5 billion ‘spaceship’ headquarters

19/11 20:15 Rotterdam gaat experimenteren met veelzijdige lantaarnpalen

19/11 20:15 How to get free 2-day shipping at Sephora for a year

19/11 20:15 Fox News’ primetime shows are framing impeachment as a win for Trump and a ‘disaster’ for Democrats

19/11 20:15 Marie Kondo is now selling a $98 water bottle said to ‘infuse the powers of gemstones’ into water

19/11 19:45 Every single Katherine Heigl movie, ranked

19/11 19:45 Devin Nunes used all his time in the impeachment hearing to try to out the Ukraine whistleblower

19/11 19:45  Republicans accused Alexander Vindman of leaking information to the media. Vindman replied that the allegation was ‘preposterous.’

19/11 19:15 A Canadian McDonald’s employee is being hailed as the ‘Robin Hood of nugz’ after admitting he put an extra McNugget in almost every box for 2 and a half years without getting caught

19/11 19:15 Lowe’s workers say that the home-improvement giant’s new scheduling policies are leaving some employees feeling like they’re ‘walking on eggshells’

19/11 19:15 The Disney Store is selling stuffed animals, mugs, and notebooks based on its beloved movies this year — here they all are

19/11 19:15 Hedge funds are loading up on China-exposed stocks — and it shows just how optimistic they are that a trade deal is coming

19/11 19:15 Aruba is offering an ‘election disconnection experience’ to attract more visitors in 2020

19/11 19:15 Devin Nunes used all of his time in the impeachment hearing to try to out the Ukraine whistleblower

19/11 18:45 We went shopping at Trader Joe’s and Wegmans to see which beloved grocer is better, and found Wegmans has a crucial advantage

19/11 18:45 A Tesla Supercharger station caught fire at a Wawa in New Jersey

19/11 18:45 Cory Booker is widely liked by 2020 Democratic voters, but only 3% of voters support him as their first choice

19/11 18:45 White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham claimed without evidence that Obama staffers left notes for Trump aides saying ‘You will fail’

19/11 18:45 A Canadian McDonald’s employee is being hailed as the ‘Robin Hood of nugz’ after admitting he put an extra McNugget in almost every box for 2 and a half years

19/11 18:45 The anonymous White House official says in their new book that Trump aides had to dumb down his briefings to one key point repeated over and over

19/11 18:15 The new ‘Cats’ trailer takes us deeper into the bizarre movie starring Taylor Swift and other A-list celebrities

19/11 18:15 15 of the most underrated travel destinations of the year, so far

19/11 17:45 Elizabeth Warren calls out Trump adviser Stephen Miller as a ‘white nationalist’ in new plan to combat hate

19/11 17:45 Alexander Vindman ended his opening statement in Trump’s impeachment hearing with a message to his ‘Do not worry. I will be fine for telling the truth’

19/11 17:45 Ondernemers van de Vooruitgang – Gecrowdfunde wooncoöperatie mag beginnen met 6-laags houten gebouw in Amsterdam

19/11 17:45 I have almost 30 credit cards, and there are 5 cards I keep in my wallet at all times. Here’s why.

19/11 17:45 A trans dad underwent $30,000 worth of fertility treatments to have a baby. He says his insurance company refused to pay.

19/11 17:45 The best Black Friday store sales of 2019

19/11 17:15 Ohio’s proposed abortion ban would require doctors to reimplant ectopic pregnancies, but that’s not possible

19/11 17:15 Disney just announced all of its movies through 2027 — here they all are

19/11 17:15 In meeting with Powell, Trump ‘protested’ against Fed policy

19/11 17:15 People can’t get over how much the Kardashian sisters look like triplets in a new photo

19/11 16:45 The 12 best Christmas movies on Disney+ you can stream right now — from ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ to ‘Home Alone’

19/11 16:45 The world’s first electric racing aircraft was unveiled in Dubai, ahead of a clean energy air race to promote greener flight

19/11 16:45 24 of the wildest office holiday party stories we’ve ever heard

19/11 16:45 People in a tiny village in rural northern England keep finding mysterious bundles of cash worth thousands of dollars on the street

19/11 16:45 Wall Street banks will reportedly miss out on a massive payday after Saudi Aramco decides to keep its record-shattering IPO local

19/11 16:45 Alexander Vindman speaks ‘I never thought I would be sitting here testifying in front of this committee and the American public, about my actions’

19/11 16:45 Trump floated the idea of holding migrants in Guantanamo Bay and it ‘mortified’ advisers, according to a new book

19/11 16:45 Cobie Smulders is on Tom Cruise’s holiday cake list, and she’s found a way to make it last for months

19/11 16:15 Amy Klobuchar is running for president in 2020. Here’s everything we know about the candidate and how she stacks up against the competition.

19/11 16:15 I took a class at Google on how to get the best search results, and I learned 5 tricks everyone should know

19/11 16:15 How Prince Andrew’s voluntary decision to do a prime-time interview about his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein has set his reputation on fire

19/11 16:15 17 relationship facts everybody should know before getting married

19/11 16:15 The backlash Meghan Markle received for deciding to miss Christmas with the Queen is just another example of the double standards she’s up against

19/11 15:45  Alexander Vindman and Jennifer Williams testify in Trump impeachment hearings

19/11 15:45 Tom Steyer is running for president. Here is everything we know about the candidate and how he stacks up against the competition.

19/11 15:45 26 kids’ advent calendars for every age and interest

19/11 15:45 Andrew Yang is running for president in 2020. Here’s everything we know about the candidate and how he stacks up against the competition.

19/11 15:15 Disney has released its list of the top 15 holiday toys for 2019 — including gifts for Avengers fans, a Frozen castle, and more

19/11 15:15 A handful of new telescopes are about to transform the hunt for alien life and our understanding of the universe itself

19/11 15:15 A Canadian McDonald’s worker is being hailed as the ‘Robin Hood of nugz’ after admitting he gave almost every customer an extra McNugget for 2 and a half years

19/11 15:15 Kohl’s plummets after slashing its profit forecast for the 2nd time this year

19/11 15:15 Meeste pensioenfondsen hoeven niet te korten, maar voor 600.000 mensen blijft het spannend

19/11 15:15 Winnebago has turned a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter into a $200,000 tiny home on wheels

19/11 15:15 Instagram is still the most lucrative platform for branded content deals, even without ‘likes.’ Here’s why, according to influencer-marketing experts.

19/11 14:45 Instagram was missing some of its most-loved features when it launched in 2010 — here’s what it looked like back then

19/11 14:45 Opruimgoeroe Marie Kondo heeft nu een webshop en wil dat jij daar spulletjes gaat kopen waar je gelukkig van wordt

19/11 14:15 A new ‘Half-Life’ game is finally coming out after 12 years — but it seems headed to virtual reality only

19/11 14:15 Trump versnelt de afbrokkeling van de Amerikaanse hegemonie in de wereld – en dat is ook een groot economisch risico

19/11 14:15 How Prince Andrew’s voluntary decision to do a primetime interview about his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein has set his reputation on fire

19/11 14:15 PayPal’s former finance chief says Bank of America closed his account with ‘absolutely no explanation’

19/11 14:15 Duitse autoriteiten doen inval bij ABN Amro in onderzoek naar aandelentruc

19/11 13:45 Dit zijn de 10 snelstgroeiende programmeertalen, volgens codeplatform GitHub

19/11 13:45 A female MMA fighter has died after collapsing in the ring, but fight organizers say all competitors are ‘prepared that they may be injured’

19/11 13:45 How Prince Andrew’s voluntarily decision to do a primetime interview about his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein has set his reputation on fire

19/11 13:45 Neil Cavuto scolded Trump over attack on Cavuto’s Fox News colleague Chris Wallace, who the president called ‘nasty’ and ‘obnoxious’

19/11 13:15 You can now book a flight on United’s new ‘Star Wars’-themed Boeing 737 plane — here’s what it’s like inside

19/11 13:15 Fox News host Neil Cavuto scolded Trump over his attack on colleague Chris Wallace, who the president called ‘nasty’ and ‘obnoxious’

19/11 13:15 Coca-Cola stopt met plastic verpakking om blikjes – ze krijgen voortaan een kartonnen houder

19/11 13:15 The FTC confirmed Facebook isn’t the only tech company it’s investigating

19/11 12:45 These 4 Goldman Sachs charts show how hard Trump’s trade war is hitting the US and China

19/11 12:45 SoftBank is reportedly close to taking over a fancy London members’ club that WeWork also wanted to rent

19/11 12:45 Trump’s retreat in Syria could be an intelligence coup for Russia. The leaked Iran cables show how that may play out.

19/11 12:45 Iran has been cut off from the internet for almost 72 hours

19/11 12:45 Ambassador Sondland said Trump doesn’t ‘give a s—‘ about Ukraine except when it benefits him personally, official testifies

19/11 12:15 A Saudi Arabian princess and rights activist who ‘fell off the radar’ in late 2018 is reportedly detained under house arrest with 24/7 surveillance

19/11 12:15 Rupert Grint said he saw ‘some sparks’ between Emma Watson and Tom Felton while they were filming ‘Harry Potter’

19/11 11:45 The New York attorney general is investigating WeWork amid layoffs

19/11 11:45 Scientists used artificial intelligence to discover a 2,000 year-old stick figure in Peru’s mysterious Nazca Lines

19/11 11:15 Here’s what it was like on board Qantas’ first nonstop, 19-hour flight from London to Sydney

19/11 11:15 David Beckham and Gordon Ramsay are helping open a London-themed resort in China complete with a Big Ben replica

19/11 11:15 Apple verstuurt onverwachte uitnodigingen voor een event, maar het lijkt erop dat er geen nieuwe producten worden aangekondigd

19/11 11:15 Christine Blasey Ford says she believes it was her ‘duty’ to come forward with sexual-assault allegation against Brett Kavanaugh

19/11 11:15 Elon Musk argues in court documents that his Twitter can’t be taken as factual because he tweets about zombie apocalypses and being a Martian

19/11 10:45 Boris Johnson’s government admits it has no plans to carry out an economic assessment of his Brexit deal

19/11 10:45 EU defies Boris Johnson and declares UK will only get a ‘bare-bones’ trade deal or a no-deal Brexit next year

19/11 10:45 Stress slecht? Volgens deze deskundige is stressen niet erg en heb je het zelfs keihard nodig – zo maak je er optimaal gebruik van

19/11 10:45 What it’s like to attend one of the world’s most exclusive air shows, where billionaires tour private jets and hundreds of planes are sold

19/11 10:45 11 hoogte- en dieptepunten uit het leven van Amazon-baas Jeff Bezos in het afgelopen decennium

19/11 10:15 Bitcoin-koers steeg 143% in 2019 – steeds meer gevestigde namen zoals Fidelity, Microsoft en Facebook betreden de markt

19/11 10:15 KPMG en Aon trekken hun handen af van prins Andrew na zijn dramatische BBC-interview over misbruikmiljardair Jeffrey Epstein

19/11 10:15 Fiscale 2 slimme manieren om je vermogen in box 3 te drukken, zodat je minder belasting betaalt

19/11 08:45 Hoe hoger je opleidingsniveau, hoe groter de vrouwen met wo-diploma verdienen tot wel €12.000 minder dan mannen

19/11 08:45 Coalitie wil ondernemers helpen met ‘Voor huizen zijn er allerlei regelingen, die moeten er ook voor bedrijven komen’

19/11 08:15 Rebelse energieleverancier Vandebron komt in in handen van Essent – zonder grote schaal kan duurzame energie niet groeien, denkt oprichter

19/11 07:45 Fox has filed a trademark application for ‘OK, boomer’ and plans to name a television show after the phrase

19/11 06:45 13 photos show Sydney under a blanket of smoke as bushfires continue to ravage the region

19/11 04:15 Patrick Frazee was sentenced to life plus 156 years in death of fiancée, Kelsey Berreth

19/11 03:45 The New York state attorney general is investigating WeWork amid layoffs

19/11 03:15 Amazon now lets you listen to music free on smartphones and TV, as well as online. Spotify investors are already nervous.

19/11 03:15 Christine Blasey Ford said she believes it was her ‘duty’ to come forward with sexual assault allegation against Brett Kavanaugh

19/11 02:15 ‘Meth. We’re on it.’ South Dakota’s new anti-drug campaign went viral to a mixed response

19/11 02:15 Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker made a 70-yard field goal during ‘Monday Night Football’ warmups in Mexico City

19/11 01:45 Boeing shareholders are suing the board, alleging ‘careless’ handling of the 737 Max development and the crisis that followed


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