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19/05 21:45 Gaffe? Gillibrand on Abortion Is A ‘Life & Death’ Decision

19/05 19:45  Trump ‘Inherited’ Booming Economy From Obama And Me

19/05 18:45 Jeanine Pirro Says ‘Deep State’ About to Be ‘This Will Be True Reality TV’

19/05 17:45 Obama’s Top FBI Lawyer Distances Himself From Steele Dossier As DOJ Investigation Looms

19/05 17:45 ‘SNL’ Takes Aim At Alabama Abortion Ban

19/05 17:45 Joe Biden Mocked For Claiming To Have Started Climate Change Movement

19/05 12:45 Prescription For The Corresponding Rise Of Antidepressants, SSRIs & Mass Shootings

19/05 12:45 Not Just Border Patrol To Fly Thousands Of Illegal Migrants To San Diego

19/05 12:45 Exxon Evacuates All Foreign Staff From Iraqi Oilfield On Security Concerns

19/05 12:45 Top Iran Commander Invokes 9/11 To Say US Is “Frail”; A “Full Intelligence War” Is On

19/05 01:45 BREAKING! Ilhan Omar Says She’s Moving Back To Somalia, Plus Arnold Schwarzenegger Racially Attacked

18/05 22:45 Candace Big Tech Trying to ‘Subvert a Mass Awakening’

18/05 21:45 Muslim Group Chucks Bricks At Tommy Robinson Supporters At Campaign Event

18/05 20:45 Joy Abortion Laws Sending Women Back to ‘Dark Ages’

18/05 20:45 The Fight For America Begins, Trump Mobilizes The Military

18/05 20:45 UN Calls For 600 Million Migrants To Invade U.S.

18/05 18:45 Liberal Author Apologizes For Comment That Trump Should Be Murdered By The Saudis

18/05 18:45  Arnold Schwarzenegger Struck by Kicking Attacker in South Africa

18/05 18:45 Tucker Ilhan Omar Embodies Our ‘Failed Immigration System’

18/05 18:45 Trump VS Stone Cold Crazy Campaign Madness

18/05 17:45 “Treason!” – Barr Finds “Government Power Was Used To Spy On American Citizens”

18/05 17:45 DNA Tests Reveal 30% of Suspected Fraudulent Migrant Families Were Unrelated

18/05 17:45 How The Media Business Works

18/05 17:45 Crack Pipe, IDs, And Badge Found In Hunter Biden Rental Car

18/05 14:15 John Cusack Met with Democrats in DC and Demanded Trump ‘Be Removed from Office’

18/05 14:15 Democrats Unanimous As House Passes Bill Forcing Schools To Let Male Athletes Compete In Girls’ Sports

18/05 14:15 Trump Has No Problem With Buttigieg Campaigning With His Husband

18/05 14:15 Pete Christianity Has Extremist Factions, Just like Islam

18/05 14:15 Pete Erasing Thomas Jefferson’s Name ‘Right Thing to Do’

18/05 14:15 “Treason!” – Barr Finds “Government Power Was Used To Spy On American Citizens

18/05 02:15 Off Weekly Round-Up

18/05 00:15 Tommy Robinson’s Emergency Message To Donald Trump

17/05 23:15 Twitter to Push/Purge Vaccine Info

17/05 23:15 Roe v Supreme Court vs Separation of Powers

17/05 23:15 Sen Asks If ANY Studies Being Done on 5G Health Anyone? Anyone?

17/05 23:15 Speed “Assist” Nanny-Tech Coming to USA and The Freedom of Classic Cars

17/05 23:15 School Announces Tariff on Students Not Wearing Pro-LGBT Clothing

17/05 22:15 Iran Minister Boosts Cybersecurity, Touts New Firewall

17/05 22:15 Belgian Authorities Clear Migrants From ‘No-Go’ Transit Station

17/05 22:15 Watch President Trump Fights Back Against Democrat Illegal Immigration

17/05 22:15 Galaxy Blazes With New Stars Born From Close Encounter

17/05 21:15 Head of Islamic Human Rights Commission Calls Gay Conservative Author Douglas Murray a “Hate Preacher”

17/05 21:15 AG Barr Slams Dems’ Contempt Vote as ‘Political Circus’

17/05 21:15 # Dems Blast O’Rouke as Support Fades

17/05 21:15 Hungary PM Slams “Liberal Mafia” For Migrant Crisis

17/05 21:15 ‘Serial Killer’ Illegal Alien Charged With Murdering At Least 12 Elderly Women

17/05 21:15 Trump Delays Car Tariff Decision by Six Months

17/05 21:15 Feminist Says Family Must Be “Abolished” to ‘Dismantle Capitalism’

17/05 20:15 BREAKING – The Fight for America Trump to Invoke Insurrection Act that Authorizes National Guard, Military Action Inside U.S. Borders

17/05 20:15 Trump To Invoke Insurrection Act To Stop World Government Invasion

17/05 19:15 David Knight War On Free Speech At Home, Bolton Pushes War Abroad

17/05 19:15 Censorship Now Bleeding Into The 3D World With The Banning Of Chik-Fil-A

17/05 19:15 Buzzfeed’s Latest Hit Piece On This 14-Year-Old Got her Banned

17/05 19:15 Pro-Abortion Activist Advocates Violence Against Pro-Life Women, 50,000 People Like Her Tweet

17/05 19:15 Free Speech After Party Banned For Conservatives Views

17/05 19:15 Preview The Newest Banned Infowars Daily Broadcast

17/05 19:15 Report Shows Almost HALF of All Federal Crimes Committed by Non-Citizens in 2018

17/05 19:15 Separation Of State and Federal Powers Is There For A Reason

17/05 19:15 The Green New Steal

17/05 19:15 Gun Where Does It Work?

17/05 19:15 Why Democrats Wanting Universal Healthcare Is a Lie

17/05 19:15 Pro-America Posters Pop Up Outside Globalist HQ

17/05 19:15 Verified Twitter Journalist Threatens to Contact Man’s Employer Because He Did the ‘OK’ Hand Sign

17/05 19:15 Liberals Threaten To Kill & Rape Pro-Life Writer & His Family

17/05 18:15 $10,000 Prize To Prove Vaccines Safe

17/05 18:15 Red Trump Plans to Invoke Insurrection Act to Stop Collapse of US Border

17/05 18:15 What Will Happen If Americans Ignore Illegal Immigration?

17/05 17:15 Gang Members Charged in Execution of Calif. Man in Front of Grandson

17/05 17:15 Who Wants This War with Iran?

17/05 17:15 AG Public Must Know If Feds Weaponized Russia Probe

17/05 17:15 Judge to Consider Bid to Block Emergency Border Wall Funds

17/05 17:15 Emergency Gavin McInnes, “We Are Fighting For Our Literal Lives”

17/05 16:15 Facebook Suspends Candace Owens For Saying Liberal Policies Incentivize Fatherless Homes

17/05 15:15 Watch War On Free Speech At Home, Bolton Pushes War Abroad

17/05 14:15 Ilhan Omar Complains Trump Is Droning Jihadis in Somalia ‘to Death’

17/05 14:15 New York Times Columnist Lauds “Inevitable” Demographic Decline of “Racist” White People

17/05 14:15 Ultimate When Liberals Attack Supercut 2019

17/05 13:15 On The Edge Of 59 Percent Of Americans Are Living Paycheck To Paycheck

17/05 13:15 Establishment Conservatives Furious As Alabama Legislature Makes Good On Their Promises to Voters

17/05 13:15  26yo Eritrean Migrant Repays Family Who Took Him In By Stabbing Their 11yo Child While Shouting ‘Die, Die, Die!’

17/05 13:15 Trump Plans To Invoke Insurrection Act To Boot Illegal Immigrants

17/05 13:15 With Six Days to go Brexit Party Hits 35 Per Cent While Tories Sink to Single Figures

17/05 02:15 Off Quiet War Drums of Iran

17/05 01:15 Who Was Jane Roe? Did She Have an Abortion?

17/05 01:15 Iran War? Oil Shock Will Grind Economy to a Halt

17/05 01:15 Dad Tricks Suspected Pedo into Meeting 13-year-old, Detains Until Police Arrive

17/05 00:15 Globalists Pushing For Further Social Media Censorship

17/05 00:15 Hands Off My Hot Rod You Green Commies!

17/05 00:15 Border Apprehension Numbers “Off the Charts”

16/05 23:15 The David Knight Show! Roe v. The Law, The Past, The Future

16/05 23:15 Car Fires in the Netherlands on the Rise

16/05 23:15 Rand “Malignant” Bolton Pushing Trump To War With Iran

16/05 23:15  Black Genocide in US, Female Genocide in India & China

16/05 23:15 Current Abortion Laws & How They’re Changing

16/05 23:15 What Does Roe v Wade Actually Say?

16/05 23:15 Trump Building Censorship Dossier To Defeat The Globalists

16/05 22:15 Watch Dems Reject Compromises With GOP Over Trump Derangement Syndrome

16/05 21:15 Learn The 4 Things Trump Must Do To Win 2020

16/05 21:15  Toronto Mayor Defends Drag Queen Lap Dance In Front Of Children

16/05 21:15 Swedish Firm Proposes Turning Notre Dame Roof Into a Giant Swimming Pool

16/05 21:15  Treasonous Investigators Investigated

16/05 20:15 Both Comey And Brennan Voted Communist While Cold War Was Raging

16/05 20:15 Pharmaceutical Companies Free From Liability From Childhood Vaccine Injuries – Report

16/05 20:15 Housing Starts Climb More Than Estimated as Permits Rise

16/05 20:15 NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Viciously Mocked on New York Post Cover

16/05 20:15 Austria Bans Veils, Headscarfs in Schools

16/05 19:15 Auto Loan Delinquencies Approaching Recession Levels

16/05 19:15  Done With Politics After Chancellor Exit

16/05 19:15 China Lashes Out at US Over Blacklisting Huawei

16/05 19:15 Crowd Chants “Liar, Liar” As Bill de Blasio Makes 2020 Announcement

16/05 19:15 Suspected Child Snatcher Arrested After Brazen, Broad Daylight Kidnap in McDonald’s

16/05 18:15 Alex Trump To Lose 2020 Unless He Does This…

16/05 17:15 Bill de Blasio Launches 2020 Campaign

16/05 17:15 Philippines Recalls Diplomats as Canada Fails to Ship Its Garbage Back

16/05 17:15 California Governor Pardons Felons Facing Deportation

16/05 17:15 Pentagon Awards $646 Million Contract For Border Wall in Arizona

16/05 16:15 Davos Elitist Celebrates “Discussions” Being “Quickly Erased From Social Networks”

16/05 15:15 Public Banned From Seeing School Shooting Case Involving Transgender Anti-Trump Culprit

16/05 15:15 Watch Live! Roe v. The Law, The Past, The Future

16/05 14:15 Qatar-Run Al Jazeera Posts Video Attacking Alabama Law. The Middle Eastern Country Jails Women For Abortion

16/05 14:15 EU Court Stops Deportations of Migrants Even If They Are Security Threats

16/05 14:15 EU ON Majority of voters believe Brussels will COLLAPSE as countries go to war

16/05 14:15 Facebook Slaps Trump Supporter With 30 Day Ban For Doing ‘OK’ Hand Sign

16/05 13:15  Biden “Absolutely Agrees” With Deranged Woman’s Trump Ravings

16/05 13:15 Tucker ‘The Usual Suspects’ Are ‘Agitating’ For War With Iran


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