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14/11 02:45 Schiff Launches Deep State Show Trial Against Trump

14/11 02:45 Alex Jones Responds To Coming Roger Stone Verdict

14/11 01:45  Adam Schiff Runs Scam Impeachment Inquiry Showing America His Fraud

14/11 00:45 Border Activist Banned From Mentioning ‘Trump’ at Trial

14/11 00:45 Az Republican Tweets “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” Through Coded Messages

13/11 23:45 Teen’s Ear Cut Off During Brutal Gang Robbery in Sweden

13/11 23:45 US Carrier Ready for Deployment as Other Five East Coast Carriers Remain Docked

13/11 22:45 Watch Adam Schiff Runs Scam Impeachment Inquiry Showing America His Fraud

13/11 21:45 That’s a Dem Witness Admits Ukraine ‘Should’ Investigate Burisma For Paying Bribe to Kill Probe Into Hunter Biden

13/11 21:45 Student Loan Debt Hits New Record

13/11 21:45 Terminally-Ill Doctor Becomes “World’s First Full Cyborg”

13/11 20:45 The FDA Wants to Control Your Stem Cells

13/11 20:45 Kentucky Governor Holds Press Conference on Election Fraud

13/11 20:45 That’s a Dem Witness Admits Ukraine ‘Should’ Investigate Burisma For Paying Bribe to Kill Probe Into Hunter

13/11 20:45 Trump Baby Balloon Popper Has No ‘First Time I’ve Seen Liberal Get Mad About Chopping Up a Baby’

13/11 19:45 Joe Jeffrey Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself

13/11 19:45 Devin Nunes Slams Democrats In Devastating Opening Statement During Impeachment Hearing

13/11 19:45  Carpe Donktum Releases Damning Footage of Trump Quid Pro Quo

13/11 19:45 Trump Admin Wants to Deny Work Permits to Migrants Illegally Entering US

13/11 18:45 David Knight Impeachment, The Devil Is In The “Detailees”

13/11 18:45 Peter Schiff Slams ‘Phase One’ of Chinese Trade Deal

13/11 18:45 Exclusive! Deep State Expert Dr. Steve Pieczenik to Expose Coup Plotters

13/11 18:45 Surprise! Dems Still Don’t Know What They’re Talking About

13/11 17:45 Hong Kong on ‘Brink of Total Breakdown’

13/11 17:45 Migrant-Free Ad Sparks Accusations of ‘Nazism’ in Sweden

13/11 17:45 Transparent? C-Span Disables Chat During Public Impeachment Hearing

13/11 16:45  Google to Offer Checking Accounts

13/11 15:45 Watch Impeachment, The Devil Is In The “Detailees”

13/11 11:45  ‘I want To Retire Trump’; ‘I Feel A Sense Of Responsibility’

13/11 10:45 Google Responds To Reports Of Its Not-So-Secret Health Data Collection

13/11 10:45 Disney+ Slaps Trigger Warnings on ‘Dumbo,’ ‘Lady and the Tramp’ over ‘Outdated Cultural Depictions’

13/11 10:45 Bolton Trashes Trump During Private Speech; Says Real-Estate Tactics Hurting Foreign Policy

13/11 10:45  Open Borders Threatens the Wage Gains of America’s Lowest-Income Workers

13/11 10:45 San Francisco’s New Public Urination ‘Will Not Be Prosecuted’

13/11 10:45 If Impeachment Fails, Will The Elite Crash The Economy To Prevent Four More Years Of Trump?

13/11 02:45 Dems Now Move to Impeach Trump on The Witch Hunt Continues!

13/11 01:45  Supreme Court Seeks to End Second Amendment By Putting Gun Manufacturers Out of Business

13/11 00:45 Americans Struggling to Fall Asleep & Stay Asleep

13/11 00:45 White Noise Improves Hearing – Study

13/11 00:45 Homeless Man Sloshes Bucket of Diarrhea At Woman Near Hollywood Walk of Fame

12/11 23:45 Harvard’s Student Government Formally Condemns University Newspaper For Obtaining Comment From ICE For Article

12/11 22:45  Learn Who Sold Their Souls

12/11 22:45 Watch Supreme Court Seeks to End Second Amendment By Putting Gun Manufacturers Out of Business

12/11 22:45 Trump GOP Rival Mark Sanford Drops Primary Challenge

12/11 22:45 ISIS Supporters Arrested in Germany After Plotting to Bomb ‘As Many Infidels’ As Possible

12/11 21:45 First study to combine 3-D climate modeling with chemistry refines which exoplanets are potentially habitable

12/11 20:45 Supreme Court Allows Remington to be Held Liable for Sandy Hook Shooting

12/11 20:45 This Is The AOC Promotes Drag Queen Vampire’s Occult Show

12/11 19:45 Taliban Agrees to Free American, Australian Professors in Exchange for Three Taliban Members – Officials

12/11 19:45 ‘Whistleblower’ Eric Ciaramella Hosted 2016 WH Meeting Ordering Ukraine Officials To Drop Probe Into Hunter Biden

12/11 19:45 Watch Learn Who Sold Their Souls

12/11 18:45 David Knight Uber CEO Says Autonomous Cars Like Assassination

12/11 18:45 Red Supreme Court Rules Against 2nd Amendment in Devastating Opinion

12/11 18:45 Ocasio-Cortez is We’re Not Working 80-Hour Weeks Now

12/11 18:45 4 Reasons Why Socialism Is Becoming More Popular

12/11 17:45 Locke vs. Cohen vs. Rothbard on Homesteading

12/11 16:45 Hong Kong Riot Police Fire Tear Gas at University Campus

12/11 16:45 Man Carries Out Major Chemical Attack On Chinese Kindergarten, Over 50 Injured

12/11 15:45 Watch Uber CEO Says Autonomous Cars Like Assassination

12/11 10:45 Trump To Release “Tantalizing” Transcript Of First Ukraine Call This Week

12/11 10:45 Trump Accuses Adam Schiff Of Releasing ‘Doctored Transcripts’ From House Depositions

12/11 10:45 WH’s ‘Undermining a President Is Dangerous’, Goes ‘Against the Constitution’

12/11 10:45 Internet access should be a HUMAN RIGHT along with food and water because people ‘don’t have free speech or political power without it’

12/11 10:45  Nationalists Hold Massive Independence Day March

12/11 10:45 Dad Who Took His Kids Back From Swedish Muslim Foster Family And Fled Returns Home With Family to Russia

12/11 10:45 Leftists Freak Out After ICE ‘Tank’ Spotted In Queens

12/11 02:45  Female Journalist Assaulted While Liberals and Police Stand By And Do Nothing

12/11 02:45 Coup Week With The Shadow Gov’t, Deep State & Socialist Democrats!

12/11 01:45 Violence In Hong Kong Escalates As Protesters Are Declared Enemy Of The People

12/11 01:45 New YouTube Accounts Deemed Not “Commercially Viable” Can Be Deleted

12/11 00:45 Tulsi Gabbard Gives Veteran’s Day Smackdown To Apologize For Defaming Me As Traitor

12/11 00:45  Violent Liberal Woman Bites Female MMA Fighter’s Breast

12/11 00:45 The Globalists Have Declared War On Your Savings

12/11 00:45 Researchers Produce Hydrogen From Sea Water in ‘Clean Energy’ Breakthrough

12/11 00:45 Scientists further refine how quickly the universe is expanding

12/11 00:45 Paws Off My Lady Laws

11/11 23:45 Meditation Helps People Make Fewer Mistakes

11/11 23:45 Major Fire Rocks Planned Asylum Center

11/11 23:45  Mercury Makes Rare ‘Transit’ Across Sun

11/11 23:45 University Cancels Veterans Day 21-Gun Salute, Citing ‘Gun Violence’

11/11 22:45 Watch Female Journalist Assaulted While Liberals and Police Stand By And Do Nothing

11/11 21:45 Creepy Lawyer At Center Of Impeachment

11/11 21:45 Argentina Votes for More Inflation, Spending, and Economic Instability

11/11 21:45 As Gun Owners Look to Nullify Gun Laws, “Sanctuary” Isn’t Just for Immigrants

11/11 20:45 The Cartel State Ignored By DHS

11/11 20:45 Bernie AOC Will Play ‘Very Important Role’ In White House If I’m Elected

11/11 20:45 Tulsi Lawyers Demand Hillary Retract Russia Remarks

11/11 20:45  Google Running Orwellian Project to Secretly Hoover Up Health Records of Millions of Americans Across 21 States – WSJ

11/11 20:45 Propaganda Machine Calls For Arrest Of Alex Jones

11/11 19:45 Russian, Turkish Military Start 4th Joint Patrol in Syria’s North

11/11 19:45 Ron Is The ‘Mother of all Bubbles’ About to Pop?

11/11 19:45 US Mormon Community Flees Mexico After Cartel Massacre

11/11 19:45  Man Arrested For Eating At Subway Station, Also Homeless Shooting Heroin, Pooping on City Streets

11/11 19:45 Democrats Support Their Own Quid Pro Quo

11/11 18:45 Man Set On Fire In Hong Kong After Confronting “Enemy Of The People” Rioters

11/11 18:45 David Knight Veteran’s Day 2019 – State Of War

11/11 18:45 Consumer Debt Sets New Record

11/11 18:45 Monday Nikki Haley Reveals Attempted Sabotage Against America & President Trump

11/11 18:45 Farage Backtracks on Brexit Election Strategy

11/11 17:45  Patriots Gather To Honor The Veterans at Texas State Cemetery

11/11 17:45 Protester Set On Fire In Hong Kong

11/11 17:45 Turkey Repatriating ISIS Jihadists to US, Europe

11/11 15:45 Watch Veteran’s Day 2019 – State Of War

11/11 13:45 Rand Trump “Has Every Right To Withhold Aid”

11/11 12:45 Leaked US Memo Confirms NATO Ally Turkey Pursuing “Intentioned Ethnic Cleansing” In Syria

11/11 12:45 Bezos Begged Bloomberg To Run In 2020

11/11 12:45 For Millions Of Americans In The Middle Of The Country, It Feels Like An Economic Depression Right Now

11/11 12:45 Hong Kong Police Reportedly Fire Live Rounds, Hit At Least One Protester

11/11 12:45 Son Of Weather Underground Terrorists, Socialist Chesa Boudin Wins Race For DA Of San Francisco

11/11 11:45 Things Get A Little Awkward On MSNBC When Alabama Student Says ‘Jeffrey Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself’ Live On Air

11/11 01:45  Infowars Exposed John Kelly’s Betrayal of Trump In 2017

11/11 01:45 Is It Okay To Be White?

10/11 23:45 Must It’s Official! Epstein Blew A Giant Hole In The Globalist Satanic Ecosystem That Cannot Be Repaired

10/11 20:45 Nikki Haley Recounts How John Kelly & Rex Tillerson Allegedly Undermined Trump

10/11 20:45 Watch Dems Rig Kentucky Election While Continuing Illegal Impeachment

10/11 20:45 Watch Patriots Gather To Honor The Veterans at Texas State Cemetery

10/11 19:45 ‘Stink to High Heaven’: Graham Warns Whistleblower Likely A ‘Deep State’ Friend of Schiff

10/11 18:45  Anti-Vaxxers Crash Jimmy Kimmel Show To Warn of Vaccine Dangers

10/11 17:45 FBI Edits, DOJ Paper Mess Prompt General Flynn’s Legal Team to Get to the Bottom of Russiagate Plot

10/11 17:45 Schiff Rejects GOP Whistleblower Testimony Demand, Due To ‘The President’s Threats’

10/11 16:45 Eric Ciaramella and Me

10/11 14:45 Unfit To Print Episode 30: ABC Chooses Royal Interview Over Taking Down Pedophile Sex Ring

10/11 14:45 America’s Richest 1% Now Own As Much Wealth As The Middle And Lower Classes Combined

10/11 14:45 Nunes Demands Schiff Testify After Lying; Also Wants Whistleblower And Hunter Biden To Appear

10/11 14:45 Republicans Name 8 Potential Impeachment Witnesses. Here They Are


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